Savinelli Trevi 320KS :: Whistling and Other Problems?

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Jul 5, 2015
Hello gents,

hope you are having a great evening! :)
After hearing about many positive reviews on 320KS shape, I wanted to give it a try.

I got the package and jeez... this shape is beautiful!

Since I have heard that any blend smokes well in this shape, I was really excited to smoke in this pipe, however, I have noticed some "problems".
1) Whistle Test

When I take the stem out (Balsa and Adapter are out as well) and blow out/inhale, it makes a high-pitched sound which I think is more commonly known as whistle. It passed the pipe cleaner test. Pipe cleaner goes in well without any trouble.
2) Stain

This Trevi has the bare wood inside. There are bunch of black dots in the bottom, some in the middle and top part of the chamber. Also on the very top of the chamber, there is like a line which seems to be drawn accidentally with a pencil.

3) Draft hole

I feel like the draft hole is larger than other pipes that I own? I am not sure if they are in the right place (ie. bottom where it meets the airway)
*I am a newbie so I may be freaking out over little things...

Should I be concerned with any of these?

I appreciate your time and thoughts!



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May 28, 2015
I am not sure, but I think the spots in the chamber may be burn marks from the heat of drilling.
And the sad truth is you can never know how a pipe smokes until you smoke it.



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Dec 28, 2015
I have 2 Savinelli's that are both excellent smokers. Also I have had trouble with a couple of different pipes having too small of a draft hole but I don't think I have ever heard anyone say a draft hole was too large. I would fill it with my favorite tobacco and fire it up. But that is just me.



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Nov 3, 2013
I have two Savinelli 320 pipes, and for some reason they both have a tendency to whistle like that. Once you pack the bowl with tobacco it shouldn't be noticeable. They are great smoking pipes, you should enjoy it.
As far as the dots or marks in the bowl, they're probably from the manufacturing process and I wouldn't worry about it. If it makes you feel better take a little high octane booze and wipe the bowl out to sort of sanitize it. Wait until it's totally dry before lighting up, or you might burn your nose! :puffy:



Jun 4, 2014
United States
We sell a lot of the Trevi 320's and many of them have some marks in the bowl like that. It's no big deal and once you've smoked it a time or two you won't be able to see those.
Regarding the whistle, you mentioned that you took the balsa filter out and the adapter. If you're not using the balsa filter you want to put that little black adapter piece in. That might be why you're getting a whistle.
I have a 320 KS in the Sistina and it's my favorite pipe. Savinellis are very solid, we rarely see any issues with them.
Hope you enjoy your new pipe!



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Jul 16, 2012
The marks in the bowl are from a chuck that mounts inside the chamber, allowing them to turn the round shape without external obstacles.
Larger draft hole in a wider bowl is totally appropriate, and anything under 5/32" is too small in many people's eyes for any pipe.
You can make just about any pipe whistle if you suck hard enough on an empty pipe. But drawing at ordinary pace, it probably won't do, and even if it does, we can fix it.
That pipe looks fine to me.



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Jul 5, 2015
Hearing that it is normal is a relief as I did not wanted to go through return processes.

Thank you for your inputs!

I appreciate them.



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Dec 27, 2014
I have several of the the 320s in different finishes, some with and without filters as well. All you describe is normal. The dots as another member noted are from an internal chuck for turning. The draft hole is the proper size. the stem itself whistling is nothing to worry about as when used as intended it will flow nicely. I don't recommend smoking these pipes without either the filter or adapter in place as the extra space doesn't help a good draw and just collects grunge.
Enjoy your new Author, one of my two favorite shapes!!!



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May 5, 2014
If it is a filter system, you can try it with the balsa in place, with the adapter in place, or with nothing in place and see if the whistling changes. I wouldn't worry about the whistling too much and the draft hole looks nice and wide. So load her up and enjoy her!



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Jul 5, 2015
@draco : I am glad to hear that the everything is the norm. And I am going to use adapter as I have heard somewhere that no filter/adapter to lead to condensation and ultimately, yucky water in my mouth.
@clickklick : I tried with the filter and adapter, and I could barely hear the whistling. And yes, she will be a great smoker! I am looking forward to it!

Thank you gentlemen for your thoughts.



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Oct 14, 2014
Jaq, it sounds like you received a very well made 320. If it was mine I would smoke it.
A few points, the black marks on the walls of the bowl interior are tooling marks made by the graduated drilling for the conical bowl. They are a giveaway for an authentic 320 and are nothing to be concerned by. The will fill with cake after a few smokes. The specks on the bottom of the bowl are unusual, but may be bits of sand, tooling marks or something else. Hard to tell. If it was my pipe, I wouldn't be concerned.
The sloppy rim stain...a matter of personal opinion. I have seen rim stain intrude on bowls of handmade pipes that cost many multiples of yours. It's a cosmetic issue only, and a minor one at that.
Now the big one...the whistle test. It's meaningless in the general, but utterly in the case of filtered pipes. A filtered sav, and the 320 in particular has a huge airway but it will whistle anyway because Savinelli does not have a deep slot, so you wind up with a pipe with an open draw and a whistle. The final piece is that many pipes that are open whistle until you load them with tobacco.
Bottomline, if you are unhappy with the pipe send it back. I think you got a good one and are suffering from internet overload, a common problem for new guys. :puff pipe:
Best of luck!

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