Savinelli Giubileo d'Oro

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Briar Baron

Can't Leave
Sep 30, 2016
I like Savinelli pipes and have several from the Autograph series, however the pricing of their Giubileo d'Oro series has got me confused. They say that these are only 0.1% of production yet when I look at examples from his range, to me they look like a $150 - $200 Savinelli and definitely not a $860 pipe.
I have looked at many examples and still can not figure what is going on. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but to me any mid grade Autograph (say around $400) beats these Giubileo d'Oro pipes nearly ever time.



Starting to Get Obsessed
Feb 28, 2018
There seems to be a high degree of variability within the Giubileo d'Oro stage. Some of them are absolutely stunning while others have barely any interesting grain and even badly fitted stems. I think the main difference is that the Giubileo d'Oro have absolutely no fills (and sandpits) while the Punto Oro's might. My only pipe with a fill is a Savinelli Punto Oro which I only discovered after smoking it, which now annoys me as it is quite visible and big. I do not know what differentiates the Giubileo sandblasts from the Punto Oro, as I have seen nicer sandblasts of the Punto Oro compared to the Giubileo.

I do not understand though why the Giubileos are priced so excessively, as for that money you have completely handmade pipes with wonderful grains from renowned pipe makers.



Jul 16, 2012
Just another way for Savinelli to make money, really. For 500+ dollars, I want a bunch of things taken care of properly on a pipe - like the stem, for example. And Sav just doesn't cut it in that regard. Nice pipe for 200 bucks. Whatever, to each his own.



Feb 21, 2013
I am a big Sav' fan, but mine are mostly low to mid market. I think Nording does a good job with more up-market pipes, and the whole range of price levels. I have an old Nording econo-pipe, an Eriksen, that is a real work horse, take it anywhere. But if you spend more, you get tangible amenities.



Starting to Get Obsessed
Jan 29, 2015
Why should they leave the market for high end factory pipes to Castello and the like? Just like they use the autograph series to tap into the artisan market. Savinelli is a multi level company, they cover every market segment from low to high



Feb 26, 2015
Depends on what era of Giubileo you have I guess. The first ones were hand made in the 1960s-70s and were high quality and comparable to some Dunhills at the time. From what I understand, they stopped making them for a while and then started making them again around the early 90s. That is something I heard a long time ago and I may have the dates wrong. Still, the Giubileo D'Oro's are supposed to be higher quality briar with no fill.
Mine is from the 70s and is a beautiful pipe with no fills. It is also a bulldog and I have never seen another Giubileo D'Oro that is a bulldog. I bought mine at an antique street fair but was told by Savinelli that the MSRP in the 70s was around $600.



Mar 7, 2013
The Golden Jubilees were indeed the cream of Sav's crop for a long time. Truly flawless wood (externally), not the slightest speck anywhere. Shape-numbered production pipes that won the lottery. Always finished with a light stain.
There were a handful of "ring" blasts that were given the stamp, but they were even MORE rare. (never owned one, and have only seen a handful in 40+ years)
I paid full retail---$155---for my first one in 1982. Ended up with eight altogether, then sold one and gave another away. All were exceptional pipes.
Sometime in the late-ish 90's (appx) GdO's stopped being sent outside the house, and were retained by the Savinelli family to be given as gifts to VIPs. Often in cases, or mounted on a plaque.
Then, when Sav "remade" itself as a cost-accountant-dominated company 8-10 years ago, the GdO stamp became just another line, and the price skyrocketed. :crying: Serious collectors immediately lost interest.
PS ---

was told by Savinelli that the MSRP in the 70s was around $600.

Adjusted for inflation, that's about right. They definitely didn't cost 600 1970's dollars, though.



Part of the Furniture Now
Jul 4, 2011
Granite Falls, Washington state
I am also bemused by the current pricing. When I first saw a Gd'O in the 80's it was a $400+ pipe but did seem to be flawless and probably comparable to a Castello. The current production I have seen online does not appear to be of the same quality. I also question the presence of sandblasted pipes. If the contention is that this is flawless briar why not make it visible?
The one Gd'O I own, a straight billiard with a military stem, does not actually smoke all that well.
I have over a dozen Savinellis, mostly purchased back in the Seventies and they are all well made and generally excellent smokes. The last one I bought new, about 5 years ago, was a straight grain and came with a prominent fill and less than perfect drilling. I was able to return it with no problem but it did make me worry about the company's commitment to quality.

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