Savinelli Full Bent Billiard

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Mar 20, 2021
Istanbul / Turkey
I smoke cheap straight briar pipes without any problem and happy with them. 10 days ago i want to upgrade myself to Savinelli :). First I bought Savinelli new dry system rusticated 614. When i go to my home and want to try my new Savinelli pipe. What i saw? There is no any hole in its mouthpiece!!!. Its closed and was not opened from its factory. But there was a control passed card with it :). Then i went to pipe shop and changed it with Savinelli Roma Rusticated 614 Full Bent Billiard Pipe., When i returned to my home, first i check its mouthpiece again. Yes there is a hole and open. But again i checked it again with my pipe cleaner. Yes it was open but when i used soft pipe cleaner there were some plastic particules came out from the mouthpiece that i haven't seen in my cheap pipes!. Then i filled it and started to smoke it. But i was very disappointed with it. Its shape, full bent billiard is not usefull and its smoke goes to my eyes and also fireing is not easy because of the shape. And at the end i couldn't get any pipe taste :( but i have one Savinelli for showing around now. :).

Is there any idea how to use this full bent billiard pipe?


Sep 9, 2017
The Arm of Orion
That's one major reason I don't like full bents. Heck, even my Brigham prince gives me trouble. I don't get smoke in my eyes, but lighting them is a pain: I have to tilt them upwards to see what I'm doing and that redirects the bit downwards and my tongue gets the full blast of hot smoke (it's hottest when lighting): immediate tongue burn.

I'd stick to straight pipes or >1/2 bent, or churchwardens.

If you're a clencher maybe clenching it on the side of your mouth would reduce the smoke in eyes problem? ? I'm not a clencher so I don't get that issue.


Nov 30, 2020
Sydney, Australia
I'm sorry you have little love for your new pipe. The "smoke in your eyes" issue is a problem if you puff away like you're sending smoke messages. Smoking slower or sipping will remedy that to a great extent.

I have a lot of older pipes which are generally a lot smaller (10-12cm or @4inches) than their modern day counterparts, along with fully bent pipes and lighting has not been a issue. Certainly a lot less than cuttys/Belges with forward canted bowls.

With any new thing it takes a little time and effort to adjust/adapt to their characteristics. I love my bents, and hope that with a little time, you will too.


Can't Leave
Aug 4, 2019
Copenhagen DK
I occasionally have this smoke in the eyes issue, but found out that for me it is only partly related to the shape of the pipe (e.g. with very short nosewarmer pipes).. but usually much more related to the strength of the tobacco and the wind conditions. The slightest bit of 1792 Flake in my eyes hurts!


Starting to Get Obsessed
Sep 5, 2019
I personally love the 614 shape, but I admit it can be a bit tricky to smoke at first. I suggest you keep trying, once you get used to the particularities of that shape it will deliver good smokes and you'll appreciate how well-balanced it is, so much that you sometimes forget that it's in your mouth. When starting with pipe smoking I used to change between very different shapes too frequently and noticed that I wasn't really getting good smokes from any of them. It was only when I started to really focus on a particular shape and try to "master" it that I started getting good smokes - it's a process, don't give up easily. puffy


Feb 21, 2013
I think this has to do with a lot of personal traits that make it easier or more difficult to use a full bent pipe. It's never crossed my mind that they are more or less difficult than straight pipes. I don't usually puff so much the smoke gets in my eyes, nor do I have any problem casting my eyes down to light a full bent pipe. There are varying degrees of hand/eye dexterity, and peripheral vision. Full bent pipes do rest a lot lighter on the teeth and jaw because they don't have as much leverage pulling downward. Probably with a little practice, you can smoke your full-bent without much trouble, but if not, just stick with straight or only slightly bent pipes. Enjoyment is the object.


Sep 8, 2020
Northeast USA
That’s too bad about the stem not being drilled. Bent billiard are my favorite, but not full bent... I have a Rossi Notte 8614 that I seldom smoke for the same reason.
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Part of the Furniture Now
May 17, 2019
Oh I love the shape 614. Oom Paul's are natural clenchers. Honestly smoke gets in the eyes with short pipes and any pipe where the bowl is close to your face. I recommend smoking them when there is at least a breeze. I don't smoke indoors so rarely is the air stagnant.
I also like the Savinelli 614 shape.My one is a 9mm.One of the most comfortable large clenchers in the mouth I have.Not come across smoke in the eyes issues.Cleaning is easy and the draw is good.


Starting to Get Obsessed
Jun 23, 2019
I'm a billiard guy. Two Christmases ago my oldest son bought me a Savinelli Roma 614. He gets me a new Savinelli every year for Christmas. I really wanted one but when I got it I didn't like it that much. I have some regular bents that I smoke aromatics in and they are fine, but the full bent just wasn't for me. Until I started using it for Gawith Hoggarth flakes. I'm smoking it right now as I'm writing this. I have Gawith Brown Flake A in this pipe and it's smoking beautifly. I just light it and it sits in the corner of my mouth while I take soft puffs of these Hoggarth masterpieces.


Dec 3, 2021
Bagshot Row, Hobbiton
I have had a Sav 2614KS for over 40 years; this may help: When you first light the pipe take it out of your mouth and away from your face, hold it in your hand and only put it to your mouth when you draw smoke. After it is lit fully, or after second light if needed, and ember calms down then you can clench and leave in your mouth to sip the tobacco. If you smoke fast and heavy then hold it in your hand.
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Staff member
Jul 28, 2013
Burlington WI
I love My Rossi Oompaul. (However, I did have to file some ..."Splinters" down in the shank. It was 50 bucks, so I'm not upset) The only real issue I have with mine is the stem is a little wider than I like. But from what I can tell, that's a common trait of the OOm Paul shapes. I've heard that full bent pipes are more for experienced smokers, but my first pipe was a small bent Grabow, and I fell in love with it immediately.


Jan 7, 2020
Still hoping to get a 614 one day. I had one about 10 years ago and can’t remember why I got rid of it but the shape is really attractive.


Dec 3, 2021
Bagshot Row, Hobbiton
Still hoping to get a 614 one day. I had one about 10 years ago and can’t remember why I got rid of it but the shape is really attractive.
Its actually a comfortable pipe for a hanger. Its not a Hungarian but a full bent billiard, reminiscent of a smaller Peterson bent dutch or smaller 01, 02 billiard shape ... its makes me think they designed it to be a combination of several shapes in one. Its one of their most popular shapes, the other being the straight billiard. I like mine but its was my second pipe ... the first being the original Aran 68 Irish Army ... similar shape. just 2 cents.
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