Rattrays whats your favorite blend

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Jan 17, 2010
woodlands tx
Ok guys what Rattrays blends do you prefer . I like 3Noggins a full English blend , The tin aroma reminds me of Frog Morton but the taste is different sometimes while smoking I swear there is Vanilla in there .The blend is said to be made up from Eastern tobaccos and Red Virginias . There is just enough Orientals in the blend to keep the palate enticed and not be overpowering . It ages well if you can keep your mitts out of it , sadly I am not very good at this .



Dec 14, 2009
Birmingham, AL
My "local" B&M The Briary has about 30 different blends they carry in bulk. For purely economic reasons I buy, almost exclusively, bulk tobaccos from them. The variety of bulks almost eliminates the need to buy tins. I do reqularly purchase 2 & 4 oz. quantities of tobaccos that catch my eye. I'll go to buy my pound and usually end up with a pound and half, some times a couple of Partagas Humitubes as well.

I smoke the 1Q Wilshire as my utilitarian tobacco. I have to say that it is very good and is quite pleasant. Here is Skip's description from The Briary web site.

" Our best selling blend. It is a mild sweet aromatic tobacco that consists of Golden Cavendish with some fire-cured in it. Has a flavorful aroma."
In short I don't know what Rattrays is.



Aug 30, 2010
Rattray's Red Raparee is my favorite Rattray blend: http://www.tobaccoreviews.com/blend_detail.cfm?ALPHA=R&TID=961



Dec 14, 2009
Birmingham, AL
Here is a review that I wrote a couple of months ago on another site.

Rattray's HAL O' THE WYND, is the only of their blends that I have tried.

If it is any indication of the quality of their other blends; they are truly gifted.
Good morning Guys,
I have never been a real Virginia Flake kind of guy. Straight Virginias never really turned my crank. But, I have to speak up about Rattray's HAL O' THE WYND.
It's a rubbed flake, medium moist, "strong, sharp aged red Virginia blend".

There is no casing, or topping going on here. The Rattray's HAL O' THE WYND's character shines through, created during the air curing process.

Whoever hung, then cured this tobacco should be enshrined in the Tobacco Curer's Hall of Fame.
It is just a straight forward tobacco taste that is nothing short of excellent. It has been a long time since I have enjoyed such an straight forward unadulterated tobacco taste. It doesn't try to be anything but good tobacco. Simply superb.
The Pouch Note is excellent.

The Room Note reminds one of days-gone-by.
In my minds eye: After a fill from a draw-string tobacco pouch hung from his belt; I see it being smoked in long clay churchwarden next to a stone hearth, by one of our Founding Fathers with his feet on the fender and a pint at his elbow on a cold winter's night, engrossed by the fire, and bathed in a bronze colored light from the flames and candles filtered through a smoky haze. Blissfully unaware of the hubbub of the Public House going on around him
This is as good as it gets.



Nov 19, 2009
Chicago, IL
Lawrence, if HOTW is as good as your imagery, I've gotta try some, soon.

I have tins of Red Raparee and Old Gowrie lying around, aging, but I haven't

gotten to them yet.



Mar 21, 2010
This is one of those situations of hair-splitting for me... I've smoked many of

these blends for years. I enjoy: Red Rapparee, Black Mallory, Marlin Flake,

Hal O' the Wynd and Old Gowrie. All are good fresh, but age wonderfully.



Mar 9, 2010
I'd have to say Marlin Flake, since it is the only one I tried. Must get some more of it sometime, it was great.



Starting to Get Obsessed
Sep 1, 2010
Kevin, may I ask your opinion on this? I adore the idea of RR but I am slightly concerned that it might prove too much for my long suffering wife? She has trouble with anything that has a heavy Latakia note. I used to smoke Balkans, but they have become too much for her so are now relegated to when I am out, or outside. Now she can cope with Squadron Leader, so do you think RR is liable to get me exiled to the great out doors?
Thank You.


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