PS Luxury BEF and Navy Flake

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Can't Leave
Sep 29, 2016
Seattle, WA
It's been a looong time since I've had LBF, so I can't really comment on it with any degree of confidence.

But I'm a huge fan of LNF and have a LOT in the cellar. It's hard to beat the price for the quality you get.

It's a little one-dimensional when fresh and very Virginia forward. But even just a few months of age just seems to deepen the flavors and bring out a more complexity.

I'm smoking some now that has almost 2yrs of age and it is fantastic. The Perique seems to make itself much more known at this stage.

Yes, there is a definite topping, but not enough to consider it an Aromatic.

LBF for some reason never hit the same way for me. I love Escudo, but LBF never seemed to be in my wheelhouse for one reason or another. Could be the cavendish. It could be that Escudo just seemed to have more complexity fresh than LBF. I probably need to revisit it.

Servant King

Nov 27, 2020
Frazier Park, CA
Resurrecting this thread to impart an observation...

So I just opened up my lone 16 oz. jar of LBF (about 4 oz. of actual baccy in there) that I hadn't touched in at least six months. I've heard ad nauseum on here about how long most folks leave their LBF jarred for mellowing-out purposes; anywhere from two to five years seems to be the consensus. I do plan on sticking it out that long, but I wanted to check out the tin note and see if the dull cardboard-y note went away. It's still there, but far less than when I first jarred it, and to me, that means that it's well on its way to becoming something quite delightful.

Just thought I'd share that! I've got plenty of LNF to smoke in the meantime.


Jul 29, 2015
Tried some of my stockpile of LBF after a year of aging. Definitely improved, but it still doesn't get me as close to SG St James Flake as I was shooting for. If I add some perique is does better. Anyone have a guess on the perique levels in LBF or LNF vs St James Flake?
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Starting to Get Obsessed
Aug 19, 2023
It tastes like the LBF is more peppery; and the LNF is smoother, sweeter and has a stewed fruit taste to it. I love LNF, but wouldn't turn my nose up at LBF. Both are great choices.
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