Please show me your pipe bags

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May 11, 2011
For a week at my daughters, vacation, etc. This Smokin Holsters Necessities bag does the trick. But, way to expensive to recommend (buy used!). I had the big Urban bag (like Npod shows) but sold it (now one of Ash's 8,XXX bags!) It was a bit too big for anything by pipe show use.
I had to "fix" the Necessities bag to get it to work - I had the straps sewn to the side (to prevent tipovers) and added a magnetic latch. The Mennonite shoe repair guy who did these fixes called it a "handbag clasp", I had to convince him to refer to it as a "manclasp". He was really puzzled as to why someone would want to carry pipes around in what resembles a ladies purse.....

If you need to carry a lot of pipe, a buddy had this bag last week at Boswells. It looked like a great value (compared to a SmokinHolsters bag), Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation Black Tobacco Pouch Messenger Bag



Dec 30, 2017
I have repurposed a bible cover/organizer. Pretty inexpensive, like $20 or so and a lot of variety. Search this part # for an example. WW9005XL



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Feb 28, 2013
This was made in the 50's out of leather...has enough pockets to store everything including a block of wood to cut plugs on, holds 3 large pipes or 4 smaller English style.


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Jan 1, 2017
Any old bag that is solid and has pockets. Gutted CD case, camera bag, hiking gear, etc. This old laptop bag gets plenty of use and hold enough for more than my average day. Pouch on the front contains bags for large pipes that won't fit in the 7 pipe case inside, flap on the back for paperwork/books/etc.

Sep 9, 2017
Greene, Maine, USA
After I got tired of the loose clutter of pipe stuff in the car, I found a canvas and leather bag at a yard sale which looked like it would do to keep the stuff all together. It had two main sections, with a zipper pocket and 3 insulated pockets on the other side. Several outside pockets as well.
Having put all my vehicular pipe accoutrements in it (and a couple of other goodies as well), it was some time before I realized the thing is a baby bag. The insulated pockets where my pipes were stashed are for baby bottles.



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Jan 30, 2014
I don't have any pictures, but you can pick up a document bag at Home Depot for about $4 that does the trick.

Zipper top about 11" long and about 5" tall. Papers, screwdrivers, pipes whatever...

It's not leather.



Mar 24, 2017
Get's only $695. Gar-an-teed to make your Cherry tobac taste like something else. I aughta know



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Jul 15, 2018
Chicago, IL, USA
I'll go ahead and introduce this here because I think it fits your request pretty well. This is an early prototype of the SCuSA (Self Contained ut-the-huse Smoking Apparatus) which I will be debuting at the Chicago Show this year. It's a rack, carrying case, work surface, multiple tobaccos and accessories (including an ashtray with cork knocker) all-in-one. I have this 2-pipe version and have also made a 4-pipe.
Based on feedback from pipe club members, the final version will be a little bigger to accommodate larger pipes and pipes in their socks for extra protection, and will have fewer, larger tobacco tins included. I hope to offer this in a few configurations, including multiple leather colors and a cordura nylon option.

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