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Preferred Member
Oct 20, 2010
I am helping Kevin do some research. Did this site inspire you to go to your first pipe show? I remember that Baskerville said he smoked a pipe for 20+ years fairly close to the Chicago Pipe Show, without knowing it existed. This site certainly inspired me to attend.



Preferred Member
Aug 10, 2010
Cheshire, CT
Absolutely! It is likely that I would not have known about the show were it not for this site. After being a pipe smoker for over half a century, I went to my first pipe show last year--Chicago--and had the time of my life! More fun than any of the professional conventions I've been to. SWMBO gave me an envelope full of small portraits of Benjamin Franklin as a birthday present to be used at the show. I'm also grateful to Brian Levine who interviewed Craig Cobine and devoted a portion of his radio show to pipe show etiquette.


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Staff member
May 11, 2011
Absolutely. I wanted to meet some of the folks who contribute to this forum. At each of the two Richmond shows I've attended, I've setup a loose meet & greet at a table in the back. Recognizing and meeting some fellow forum members (from this and other pipe forums) was a highlight of both shows. Two years ago, a member of the SmokersForums had his screen name embroidered on a baseball hat, I wouldn't have know who he was, save for that hat.



Preferred Member
Feb 6, 2013
These forums provide a wonderful opportunity to become a participating member of the pipe smoking, collecting and enjoying community. I lurked here for a few months before finally joining up and posting, as my knowledge base has grown and my circle of pipe friends has expanded, it has become clear that one of the ways to continue to grow both is to attend a show. Hence my plans to be in Chicago this year.
-- Pat
PS - I would also say that these forums also played a significant role in helping me learn how to clean and refurbish estate pipes, identify and date pipes, understand tobacco types and learn who's who in blending... among other things.



Preferred Member
Jul 2, 2009
New England
No. I've been selling at shows for 20+ years long before this site was started, but this has to be the biggest advertiser of shows around the country with the huge membership which grows daily. Kudos to Kevin.



Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
No, I attended one pipe show before discovering pipesmagazine and Forums. I was already predisposed to

attend the second one by the time I posted here. I have been something of a promoter of pipe shows on

Forums, with lots of suggestions about how to enjoy a show.



Preferred Member
Jan 25, 2012
Yes I am pretty sure I learned about the NASPC show in Columbus from this site. I could have stumbled upon the NASPC website when I first started looking into the online pipe world. But I give credit to PM for getting me excited enough about pipes to attend the show. This will be my third year attending coming up.



Senior Member
Jan 15, 2014
I've never been to a pipe show, but I have indeed been inspired to visit. Unfortunately I live in the middle of nowhere. Though I imagine i'm comparatively 'just down the road' to one, compared with some of you americans.

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