Perique ratios to base tobaccos?

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Sep 16, 2021
Chicago IL
A little background:
So I stopped in a bit ago at the local tobacconist after moving to a new city, and imagine my surprise and joy to see some bulk McClelland's on the shelf. I unfortunately got into pipes after their closing and have only heard tell of their quality. I opted for X-40, being a burley smoker, and based on a delightful tin (Jar?) note. Flat, one-dimensional, downright boring. So now I want to use it for blending. I'm thinking a mix with some Va and perique.

I jarred .3oz with .3oz of royal yacht (which i find the topping of undetectable). I'm going to head back to the shop in a bit to pick up some bulk perique.

1. Advice on condimental/base ratios
2. Advice on better or even just different blending ideas with the remaining x-40

All help appreciated.

Take it easy on a new guy if anything I did betrays a certain cluelessness.

Dr. Van Loafer

Starting to Get Obsessed
Jan 3, 2022
I have not yet blended with Perique, but as it classified as a condiment tobacco the advise I have heard is 5-10% as it can be strong and easily overpower. With Latakia you can go higher if you enjoy it.

Hope this is not too basic, but burley will help cool down a smoke if it burns hot with the virginia leaves. And can be used as a good base for other leaves as well. There is also white and dark burley.


Apr 28, 2019
Start easy and just mix enough for a bowl or two. Smoke that and see what you think and then make adjustments. Experiment a bowl at a time until you think you've found a mixture you like smoking. After that you can mix bigger batches and work on points for style--using a noodle press to make cakes, aging, and adding toppings, etc. The most important thing is to keep notes. A mistake I've made is to casually play, mixing up blend after blend until I finally get one I liked and then realize I forget how I got there.
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