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Preferred Member
Sep 2, 2015
San Francisco Bay Area, USA
Add me to the choir suggesting the Gawith Dark Flakes and ropes. Dark Flake Unscented is my favorite but 1792, Lakeland Dark, Conniston Cut Plug and the scented/aromatic version of Dark Flake are all good as well.

In terms of the more readily available, I'd suggest MacBaren HH Bold Kentucky and HH Rustica, Peterson Irish Flake/Rattray's Stirling Flake, C&D Burley Flake #1 and GL Pease Jackknife Plug as blends I'd consider strong, if a touch less so than the Gawiths.

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Preferred Member
Feb 2, 2019
Basel, Switzerland
Not to get off the original subject, but what is this attraction to heavy nicotine? I like nic enough to smoke tobacco, but never really "craved" it like someone with crack problem.
For me it completes the package. Say a light VaPer, which I smoke a lot of, can give great flavour but can't help but think it would always be better with more nicotine. I stick by what I wrote earlier that I think it's hard to make something be hard-hitting and smooth at the same time, and Gawith (GH and SG) seem to have nailed it for me.


Senior Member
Sep 9, 2019
West Central Florida
Lots of good suggestions here. Might want to get some straight perique to add to some of the burleys or dfk you have been trying but aren't seeming to be potent enough. While the perique won't increase the total nicotine, it will make things more alkaline and easier absorbed through the mouth.

I only smoke my own blends with whole leaf and the dfk and dark air burley from whole leaf tobacco are quite potent, the dfk is a little less potent but tastes much better IMO. They also have some perique. Straight uncased dfk is about as strong as i need but, throw some perique in there(and skip on the virginias) and you got some serious kick.
I like the dark fired Kentucky it's very good, and using the Virginias to calm the sharpness of it down. I does have quite a kick to it uncased. I made some plugs a while back that are now some of my favorites. puffy


Apr 14, 2020
Lake Havasu City
My favorites with a higher nicotine hit are:

GH Dark Plug
GH Dark Flake (unscented and aromatic)
GH Brown Irish X (rope)
GH Brown Twist (sliced rope)
GH Black Irish X (rope)
GH Black Twist (sliced rope)
GH Brown Bogie (rope)
GH Dark Birds Eye
GH Kendal Kentucky
GH Coniston Flake

SG 1792
SG Lakeland Dark
SG Brown #4 (rope)
SG Brown Irish
SG Black XX (rope)

I like to smoke these in the evening, and find that I end the day with one of them pretty often. They can be hard to find but they are out there. Right now Boswell's has a few in stock that can be purchased by the ounce - a great way to try a few and see if you like them.


Senior Member
Nov 28, 2019
Yep I love their DFK. Most of my blends have it as a base. But i like to throw some Virginia, perique, orientals or latakia with it as well to spice things up. Stoving your plugs can do a lot to smooth things out. Even a straight or mostly dfk twist or plug can become quite smooth. It looses it's earthy and chocolate notes the more it's stoved and gets more bbq from a light stoving then into the sort of oily like quality of something like the black xx if you stove it for a long time until it's black.


Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
There was an air dried Indonesian blend 4noggins used to sell called Tambolaka that had heavy nicotine. Johng99 has a pretty good list, along with other similar posts here. I did a strong tobacco excursion about six years ago, and approaching these blends respectfully -- after a substantial meal, with sufficient drinking water, sampling in small pipe chamber or partial bowls to get their measure, it was pretty good. They do kind of blast out your taste for subtler more complex blends, and narrow the variety you enjoy, but as an adventure, it was interesting. I've rediscovered medium and mild, and now rotate among the full range, including tobacco-forward aromatics (I want to taste the tobacco first with flavoring just supporting that).


Preferred Member
Jun 11, 2020
Pittsburgh, PA USA
Not to get off the original subject, but what is this attraction to heavy nicotine? I like nic enough to smoke tobacco, but never really "craved" it like someone with crack problem.
Some of us like things to be a bit more robust in their natural effects -- espresso, strong Ryes, stout beers, robust strong cigars, etc.
For me, same goes with tobacco -- there's so many blends, I have no problem limiting them to high-nic and still have many choices that give me the desired after-effect to boot. It's just a preference.
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Apr 10, 2021
Wilmington, N.C.
Okay.. I have a very high nicotine tolerance and I am in search of a blend or straight tobacco that will knock me on my ass with the amount of nicotine. I have tried several blends that people say have high nicotine but doesnt. I have Stokkebye 314 Dark Fired Kentucky, I have tried Royal Yacht, I have combined straight burley with DFK etc etc and they do not do anything for me.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of the crown jewel of extremely high nicotine tobacco?
You may enjoy Samuel Gawith's Black XX Rope. I have a pretty high nicotine tolerance too and I really enjoy that one from time to time.
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Preferred Member
Jan 28, 2018
If your primary objective is nicotine, why don't you chew a pack of nicotine gum while wearing a couple of patches? Who wants to be "knocked on their ass"? I haven't found any pipe tobacco that would fit your needs. And in general, the stronger the blend, the less I enjoy the flavor.

Richmond B. Funkenhouser

Preferred Member
Dec 6, 2019
I totally understand the need for a stronger blend. If the blend is really weak in nic I'll have to put my pipe down and fire up a cigarette.. For me strong nicotine isn't to be "knocked on my ass". A good dose of nicotine = relaxation... a "good dose" is define by a person's tolerance to the stuff.


Preferred Member
Jul 11, 2014
When I smoked cigarettes and inhaled, the motivation was addiction, not a nice, slow, relaxed, flavorful, sipping of carefully selected pipe tobacco varietals. My addiction melted into the rituals and reveries of pipe smoking and nicotine, although still important, is only what got me here. The biggest bonus I find, is that I no longer want to inhale. It's been working for me now for the last 7 yrs!
This forum has been stimulating and informative.


Preferred Member
Sep 12, 2020

Peterson: Irish Flake............I tried it when I started smoking in a pipe. In a closed room. My wife thought she was staying a widow, when I look at my face of corpse.................​


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