Nicotine or Relaxation?

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Jun 29, 2023
Austin, TX
I do like nicotine but also enjoy preparation of the pipe so I suppose both. If I only cared about a nicotine hit cigarettes are more effective and faster. I'm not a big fan of burning paper smell so that is a down side whereas a pipe smells really good.


Starting to Get Obsessed
Dec 29, 2022
Palmer AK
I smoked cigarettes for a decent amount of time. 7 years maybe? and chewed/dipped for as long.
So for me personally, the nicotine is a touchy aspect of enjoying pipes and tobacco. As others have said, the nicotine is there, but I’m verrrry careful not to let it sink its talons back in me. If I smoke a pipe a couple days in a row and notice that little creeping feeling in my brain, I’ll go without smoking for some time. Maybe a week, maybe two. Maybe a day. I don’t know, it seems to change, possibly because of nicotine levels of different tobaccos.
I love pipes. I love tobacco. I don’t love being addicted to nicotine. Been there/done it/try very hard to not do it again. It’s not a terribly complicated concept, but, of course takes some discipline, which, is also sorta tied to the whole ritual aspect of it.
Maybe my situation is somewhat unique, but I seem to have found a decent balance of being able to enjoy a pipe without worrying too awful much about going ass over tea kettle again.
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Starting to Get Obsessed
Dec 29, 2022
Palmer AK
“Part of the package”

That’s exactly right. Make of it what you will, but it’s absolutely part of the experience


Feb 16, 2020
Cascadia, U.S.
...for the relaxing routine of nicotine. If someone developed a pipe tobacco without nicotine, I wouldn't be interested in the least.
So, BCA?
And I'm sure if something tasted exactly the same but with no nicotine, it wouldn't be as satisfying/relaxing, much like decaffeinated coffee. The presence is integral. I'm the same way with coffee, I like the flavor and it's relaxing, other caffeine sources even as high in caffeine as the coffee I drink don't satisfy the craving for coffee and I don't crave caffeine, and I also am fine without caffeine.
Well, and decaf coffee also just tastes like crap, like non-alcoholic beer.


Might Stick Around
Jun 13, 2023
Pacific Northwest
Choosing the pipe, opening the jar and sniffing, packing the bowl and lighting the tobacco while watching the flakes curl and brighten. The first sip followed by another relight, and relaxing knowing everything is okay for as long as the bowl burns, and afterwards.

I admit, I like the high nicotine blends, and on days I don't pipe, I take nasal snuff from first morning through evening. For some reason, I don't feel right mixing the nasal snuff and the piping on the same day. Will feel 'off' if I do, so it's always a piping day or nasal snuff day.


Charter Member
May 5, 2009
Relaxation! After almost 40 years I’ve never woke up needing a smoke but I have woken up to check eBay and checked a pipe in transit. I’ve been living a smoke filled life at PCA here in Vegas and I left the convention center a little queasy from the smoke.


The Bard Of Barlings
Jun 15, 2013
Southern Oregon
I'm not a fan of a nicotine high, finding it unpleasant. So I tend to favor blends that offer me very satisfying flavors with a minimum of vitamin N. If there were flavorful blends with zero nicotine I would smoke them in a New York minute if the flavors pleased me.
Smoking a pipe is a relaxing activity, offering me a welcome break from a too busy schedule. I appreciate its slowness.

Professor Moriarty

Starting to Get Obsessed
Apr 13, 2023
United States
Years ago, the pipe got me off cigarettes. Now, I smoke one bowl a day, purely for relaxation -- preferably in front of a fireplace, or outside, shaded from sun and wind. A bowl will last me close to two hours -- I pack it dry and tight.
In summer, I enjoy an occasional cigar outside.
Alcohol finally gave me up, and my coffee is now decaf.
Doc says I gotta keep the blood pressure down.


Starting to Get Obsessed
Oct 10, 2019
North Carolina
I smoke because I just plain enjoy it. I don't think about nicotine. The relaxation of the experience comes from finding a peaceful place away from noise and people. No bullshit from anything or anyone. Just being left alone to enjoy my pipe and tobacco. It makes me happy for awhile. That is why I smoke my pipes. Simple really.

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Jul 28, 2016
I quit cigs 16 years ago, but before that I got Russian made L&M cigs from a Russian cargoship captain which visited once or twice a quarter in the port I worked in. Those where some heavy hitters, before that I smoked Gauloises which were also considered strong. Those two, next to Camel, where the most flavorfull cigs I smoked.
Agreed, some decades ago factory made cigarettes were still flavorful and good, at the age of 15 I started out with our Scandinavian brands like North State and Prince ,then I smoked for years French unfiltered Gauloises&Gitanes and when the quality of those aforementioned brands declined I switched to the Hollandische Van Nelle Zwaar RYO tobacco for years, today I avoid smoking cigarettes be it roll you own or taylor mades ,because of the low quality of tobacco in them
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Might Stick Around
Apr 24, 2022
Georgia, USA
"Do you smoke a pipe for the nicotine or for the relaxing routine of pipe smoking?"
Both: the nicotine contributes to the relaxation, and the relaxation reinforces the nicotine's affects since they both take place at the same time. Nighttime pipe time takes place when I've gotten everything done I can do for the day and all that is left is to sit down, smoke my pipe, and watch a little TV.

Morningtime pipe time hits a little different since it is accompanied by coffee and is time to focus and think and read, but there is an element of relaxation, too.

Daytime dip times get me focused or calmed down, and I like a dip while I'm lifting weights late in the afternoon.

I smoke or dip for the nicotine, drink coffee for the caffeine, or drink beer for the alcohol. Otherwise, there would not be much of a point to doing any of it, at least, for me.