Need A Filler


Burley Guy

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Oct 18, 2019
I just got a Morgan Bones pipe - my second one - and while I'm sure it will smoke as good as the first one, this one has a HUGE chunk missing on the outside of the stummel. We're not talking about a sand pit, this is a ruddy huge gouge. I would like to try my hand at filling the crater. Not sure what type of putty or filler to use that might stand a snowball's chance of lasting and not just falling out the first time the pipe heats up.
For what it's worth, I'm not whining or knocking the pipe. The Bones are sold for $39 with the clear warning to expect cosmetic flaws. The pipes are guaranteed to perform, and based on the first one - which has some pits that some might find distracting, but which do not bother me in the least - I am a believer. I wanted a rough and ready pipe for the shop, the yard, the truck, etc. and don't care if it has pits or fills. This gouge just annoys me based on where it is and the fact that my hand will always find it regardless of how I grasp the pipe. Not only is it rather ugly, the tactile aspect will remind me it's there every single time I touch the damn thing. Like a missing tooth or something.
It has other sand pits and so forth that I couldn't care less about. Just want to fill this crater and see how the pipe colors with use, knowing full well that the putty fill will always remain the same color. Meh, I'm cool with that.
Anybody have a brand name or suggestions for a type of wood filler that a guy could use? I'm not a pipe maker or even a wood worker, but I should just about be able to dab in some putty and sand it out with fine grade emery cloth or such. I mean hell, the pipe is sandblasted and unfinished with just a bit of carnauba wax to allow coloration. Not like it's a cabinetry project. And again, tool box / workshop / yard / truck pipe. Worth a shot, right?
I'm thinking the key factors are that it needs to work on briar that will be exposed to heat and constant handling. Thoughts?
Ok, well, I’ve got a couple of crappy pipes, which I use on the river while fly fishing, so if I should lose them, no big deal. However, they smoke great, but flaws bug me. OCD I guess. I use an ultra violet liquid to fill in the spots and hit it with a UV light, or just expose it to sun light. Works great.


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Dec 30, 2018
I originally thought of using something bright and maybe metallic, but ... lazy, LOL. Used some Bondo Spot Filling Compound that was laying around the shop and it has worked just fine. It has held up surprisingly well and the pipe smokes fine. It's darkening up and coloring pretty nicely too. I wouldn't have bought this particular pipe with this flaw had I seen it first, but it was a sight unseen purchase and for the price it's fine.


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Sep 29, 2019
Shasta Lake, Ca.
Pipe mud recipe..
5g plaster of Paris
5 g bentonite clay
2 capsules of activated charcoal
water a few drops at a time. if you need more just use the same ratios.
let sit over night or longer..
good luck