My Bulk VaBurique Codger Mix

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Jan 7, 2023
Casa Grande, AZ
I had posted in the WAYS April ‘23 thread today that I’ve landed on a mix I like. @Scottmi said he’d like to hear more about it so here goes…

Since I picked up a pipe a few months back, I fell into the folly of thinking I could find (or make up) something that would be an “all day, dishwasher safe, grab and go blend.
After a few failures and learning more what really like I realized my first attempts were going more at a “pouched aromatic” type mix. After a couple 6-8oz mixes using 1Q as a base I realized I didn’t really like too much flavorings, and want to taste some tobacco in there.

For tobaccos I’m “in the mood for”, I’m drawn to VaPers, Va’s, English blends that are milder on what I assume are the orientals, and I’m picky on my Latakia, with McB HH Balkan Blend being the only heavier lat blend I enjoy so far.

What I don’t like in a back to back/everyday fashion: high PG goopy Aro’s; cherry syrup; blends I get bit by if my technique isn’t concentrated on constantly; “creamy” smokes that leave the feeling of a film on my teeth.

Bear in mind that I’ve got a palate that doesn’t break components down artfully, I just kinda know “wow, that’s good”, “blah”, “blech”, and “yeah, I’m not finishing this bowl”.
So my most recent, and so far best (for me) mix that I drop into the easygoing, yet mildly interesting “codger that lets you know tobacco is present”category is as follows:

I shall call it “Undecided”.

-4 parts Lane Burley Light Without Bite. This gives an easygoing base with some body and just a bit of vanilla.

-2 parts C&D Yorktown for a nice but not over pretentious Virginia zing

-1 part C&D Habana Daydream for a nice VaPer with cigar leaf, both of which present in the mix as “in and out” condiments, just enough for a tingle on the retrohale.

-1part Sutliff Windsor 805 match. This give a sweet black cav to round the edges, and brings what is a “secret sauce” in many old codger blends-the licorice flavor of anise.

There ya have it, I was shooting for something that I could whip up a jar of out of the bulk blends, repeatably and inexpensively while I saunter through the good stuff here and there.

I like it, of course YMMV😉


Part of the Furniture Now
Oct 21, 2022
Pismo Beach, California
That sounds great!

I enjoy blending blends. Especially if I find one that doesn't really light my fire, I'll see if I can tweak it with other tobaccos.
I don't often choose aromatics, and I had an open jar of Boswell's Piper's Pleasure that just wasn't getting smoked. So I tossed a bit of it into the noodle press with a larger portion of Kramer's Father Dempsey and created "Catholic Cake".
It's not bad. The Latakia works well (for me) with a touch of the chocolate flavored Piper's Pleasure. Much less cloying than the straight aromatic.