My 5th Pipe - A Bent Brandy

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Peter - CCB

Starting to Get Obsessed
Dec 26, 2019
Santa Barbara, CA
EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9)

Some issues as always. A few things out of my control, but very minor but will drive me nuts. Always one of those right?

I also tried some new staining methods after more reading. Still learning a ton every day. First time bending acrylic. I found it much harder than vulcanite. I can see wanting a jig or something to bend it around instead just my fingers.

Each time I made these pipes, I’ve tried a new shape. I’ve never even used a file before doing these. Lol. Anyway... here is #5. I want to do something different on next one. I’ve got a plateaux block. I can’t add bands or bone or any accoutrements... so maybe a false Calabash top or something?

here’s some really quick picks before it got dark.


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