Mac Baren HH Vintage Syrian Is Going Away

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Mar 25, 2014
If you read what he says, he's taking the last 2 tins made to Germany with him.
I did... and he specifically says "for Germany". If you watch the video he signs to 2 tins. He's taking that batch to Germany and will give someone 2 of the tins he signed. No doubt they are about to run out but that video is specific for the German run of tins.
He said...
"The last of HH Vintage Syrian for Germany


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Jun 15, 2013
Whatever you believe, Mac Baren predicted that they would be running out, completely and utterly, right about now. They kept the product going by finding some more high quality Syrian, but the inevitable is going to happen. So buy it or don't. But Syrian Latakia is, for now, going the way of the dodo. In a couple of years you can buy it for 5 times the price on eBay.



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Jun 27, 2016
Passing for now, and later, on this one. Not a fan and have none, but fortunately there are like 3600 units still available at SP alone for people who have not tried it at all, or perhaps haven't tried it since they apparently went to Syrian made up of the different batches of Syrian, which apparently changed the flavor. To anyone who has not tried it, I would recommend to try this one before you buy, and know that I think it's not a really great representation of Syrian flavor anyway. Probably the worst of all that I have tried, actually. But if people like it for what it is, that is fine and they should buy more if they want it. People might eventually start running to the retailers on this, but it's been out there that this day was coming for a while now, and people have been stocking up for a long time now, especially after it went bye-bye the first time for a little while. I'll guess it will be around for at least two or three more months before people start having trouble finding it online. But I am probably wrong at least 67% of the time, if I had to guess! =)



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Jun 3, 2015
This stuff sucks, don't waste your money. That's my first impression and final review. Move along and buy something else.



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May 5, 2015
This stuff sucks, don't waste your money. That's my first impression and final review. Move along and buy something else.
Is that one of those "it leaves more for me if no one buys it" comments, or a genuine opinion? I've hardly heard anyone criticize this blend, but I was pretty underwhelmed after all the accolades.



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Aug 22, 2016
Your mom\\\'s house
I was pretty underwhelmed after all the accolades.
I enjoy it, but it's far from my favorite. I think I might like HH Vintage Latakia more, with Cyprian. I'm one of those weird people that likes Cyprian more than Sirian. My favorite Mac Baren latakia blend is The Solent Mixture.



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Dec 7, 2011
I agree with Balkisobrains.
The earlier vintages of MacBaren Vintage Syrian was much better imho. Even the so called Syrian leaf used in Ashton Artisans blend and Brebbia Balkan just doesn't taste as good, according to my palate.
Imho, nothing compares to the quality of the Syrian leaf used in the McC and the earlier GLP mixtures.



I thought the MacBaren Solent mixture still used Syrian as well?
That is what MB indicates on their tin description. So it is Syrian. The question is: for how long? As MB has started to release the Vintage Syrian replacement, HH Vintage Latakia, I would assume the recently tinned Solent Mixture are made with Cyprian.



Jan 27, 2018
Is HH Vintage Latakia out yet? Anyone tried it?
I haven't tried the Vintage Latakia, but I have tried the latakia flake, It's now on my desert island tobacco short list.



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May 25, 2012
@ sablebrush, will be interesting to see how many people get that. I like when he shakes the not quartz lol...

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