Lack of Taste from Pipe?

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Aug 9, 2013
Helena, Alabama
I have no idea whether I am right or wrong about a pipe I’ve never seen nor smoked. But, I made a call on something I remembered. No biggie either way.
If it were mine and I liked the design or was proud of having made it, I’d give a few more smokes before tossing it. Heck, maybe knowing it removes a lot of flavor, try smoking something from your cellar that might need “taming.” Might be a good lat bomb pipe.


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Feb 14, 2018
Edmonton, AB
With all do respect Hoosierpipeguy aka Mark, wouldn't know a good pipe if it bit him in the ass. I have known him for 20 years and he got me into pipes back then. 20 years later he still knows dick and I am his superior in every aspect of piping now keep quiet ya newbie puke and know your place. heheheheh
Yes. I'm a newbie. My mom packs my pipes for me still, and nags me to use a pipe cleaner once in a while.


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Apr 2, 2018
Good morning,

There's something that's been bothering me for a while but now I've done a couple of experiments, but want to ask you more experienced folks about it.

I have a Vauen hobby block pipe, my first home-made pipe, it came pre-drilled and with the stem in place, so all I did was to shape the outside. I have in no way touched the bowl, stem or airways.

My problem is I've suspected it kills the taste of tobacco, I've suspected for a while but this time decided to actually test with blends I've smoked more than 100g of, and believe I know their taste fairly well. Can a pipe have a quality, a factor, something about it that simply kills taste!?

I've tested this pipe side by side with the pipes I used to smoke specific genres, two Savinelli beater pipes I have for tasting blends, as well as my first ever pipe (Savinelli Toscana straight billiard) which, although has a broken shank, I keep smoking regularly as I find it really makes most blends taste great. The results are clear:

  • Old Dark Fired: the Vauen gave me faint woody taste and nothing else
  • HU Zulu (fairly Lat heavy, complex): faint sweet and sour oriental taste, no Latakia taste in a blend containing 58% Lat
  • St Bernard flake: hot air.
All my other semi dedicated pipes (e.g., VaPer pipe for VaPers, English for English etc) gave me the blends as I know them when smoked 24 hours before or after the Vauen, I didn't smoke anything back to back. Also, I have been smoking this pipe at least once a week since early June, and been cleaning it - it's not a heavily used pipe but should consider it broken in by now. The test was done with clean pipes, but not water flushed, I don't really keep cake, I wipe the bowl well after each smoke, pass a few pipe cleaners, and let each pipe rest for a day. Also was done same time of the day (morning) so not to have a fatigued palate (though that's not a thing with me).

What gives?
Choose a tobacco that you like,then smoke the hell out of it.The pipe will come around.(Just my opinion)
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May 12, 2015
Monterey Peninsula
We can actually see the caking inside the chamber (or bowl as embers points out)
Duane usually points out that the bowl often includes the whole stummel, whereas chamber is where cake happens, where the tobacco is loaded, etc.

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