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Aug 24, 2019
Ok, so lets start with the Surgeons General Report. I think you are confused about it stating that they inhaled pipe tobacco and living longer. I always just hear that it said statistically men who smoke pipes and cigars in general have a statistically longer life… statistically. I’m not Constitutional lawyer, so I will leave it at what I just read on the forums. I’ll let the lawyers have that one.

And, not all casings and toppings are food grade. Russ Oellette has said that he tries to use mainly food grades in his aromatics. Greg Pease for a while talked about him trying to keep his tobaccos free of casings and such. Not sure how that works now with Stonehenge. But, Greg opened the discussion of keeping pipe tobaccos pre of that stuff, but it wouldn’t have even been a thing of there weren’t crap in some of them. PG…. I’ve never discussed that ever. Not in my wheelhouse of knowledge. As is a lot of things.

But, take the GH&co and SG stuff. The whole reason why Lakelands are unique is that for some twist, someone thought that adding perfumes, tars, and byproducts of distillation to tobacco was a good thing. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m a lakelands freak, so I love the stuff, some of it. But, food grade it is not. I’ve never heard of Tonkin bean cookies, nor rose geranium candies. Most of that stuff is meant for the perfume industry, not food. But, feel free to swig on some isoamyl acetate. Actually, don’t. You won’t like it, I promise.

I think one of the reasons the new Warhorse is not really close to the original is as reported by Woods, Simon, and Russ, was that the original formula called for so much nasty and dangerous stuff. The joke I remember the most is that Russ didn’t want to kill Jiminks, so…

When my roommates dad took us on a tour of PM, the guys there bragged about how Marlboro were all food grade, {Didn’t Luckys advertise that it was merely a toasted burley at one time?} but they had to use the juices pressed out of the tobacco to make the nicotine levels standard dose per cig. But, the chemicals in cigarette argument has been twisted. It’s the reported chemicals in the smoke that has been twisted to suggest that they add ammonia and all sorts of things. But, it is merely the biproduct of combustion of the leaf that gives off all of those chemicals. Heck, most of that is in our smoke as well. Because no one has to add it. And, burn a cherry, a natural, right off the tree cherry. Food grade stuff, but you wouldn’t want to breath all of those biproducts… even sugars burning, not good. But, I am not making a blanket statement that all cigarettes are chemical free. Just throwing all of that out there to show how things are a little more muddy than you make it seem.

Unfortunately, for the sake of the argument, pipe tobacco companies don’t have to report nicotine nor tars, but for them it is a blessing, because levels change from crop to crop… and I prefer they not do what cigarette companies do. But as to strength, most of what leaf we have access is the exact same leaf used in the cigarette industry. Heck, if the cig industry goes under, no one will be able to flue cure on a commercial level. They are mostly a blend of the same burleys and Virginias. Eat a tablespoon of the lightest Virginia. But, don’t, because I’m not sure how smart whomever is reading this is, ha ha. If you did, it could kill you if you could keep it down. But, the main difference is either ingesting it through your lungs or the small membranes of the mouth and sinuses. The PH level of the smoke also affects absorption.

Ultimately, take it or leave it. If you will read most of the articles on this magazine, listen to the PM radioshow, watch what the tobacconists say, anyone can put this stuff together. I’m no organic chemist, ha ha. Really, I wouldn’t even be saying this… again…. If I weren’t verbally shoved, you big bad man, haha.

I did make the choice for myself that pipe smoking was a substantially less risk to my health than cigarettes, because it taxed my lungs much less. But, I am not going to blind myself to the fact that it’s not all safe as cookies and milk. With decades of cigarette smoking behand me, I am making no assumptions that I will live longer than I would if I had just quit smoking all together. Sure, everything has a risk, even driving a car, but I’m not going to blow sunshine up anyone’s ass. It is not perfectly safe. On that we can agree to disagree.

I hope you take all of this well. You may continue to disagree. Throw another shrimp on the barbie for me.

Goodnight for real this time, ha ha. I just finished my pipe.
"My argument is over" must have a different meaning in your part of the world? :LOL:

You must be really tired and a bit befuddled. Nowhere did I say "that they inhaled tobacco and lived longer".

My research when I looked into this over a decade ago revealed that tailor-made cigarettes have 300-600 added chemicals, some of which I believe to be at least as addictive as nicotine [which explains why a RYO does not satisfy the cravings of those who smoke tailor-mades]

Many of those added chemicals are for the consistency of flavour.
Pipe tobacco blends often have variations in taste from one year to the next due to different growing conditions.

I've not smoked any Lakelands [perfume and soap really is not what I look for in a smoke] but if they're as nasty as you suggest then why would you smoke the stuff?

The 'chemicals from combustion' thing is a mantra from the rabidly vocal anti-tobacco crowd. I see that they've gotten to you. Personally I don't listen to fanatics who've appointed themselves the arbiters of social conscience.
I'm referring to chemicals that are added to cigarettes.

"pipe smoking was a substantially less risk to my health than cigarettes." yes, because pipe tobacco is pipe tobacco. Aromatics mostly contain food grade flavourings [Yes, ingredients such as rum, vanilla and honey for example, are considered food grade]

Phew, glad we can agree on something.

Good night from the big bad man. puffy
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Junior Member
Mar 18, 2021
Hello all,

I smoked a pipe for about 6 months at the end of 2007 into 2008. I also rubbed snuff and when I decided to give that up (after 23 years,) I decided to give up tobacco altogether.

Now, after 13 years, I have the urge to smoke my pipes again. I forget how many I had! About 15 or so-- some basket pipes, a GBD, Big Ben, Petersons, etc. And, since I stored the tobacco in sealed main jars in my basement, most of it seems to be ok.

The problem I have is my wife is afraid a few bowls a week will turn into a few bowls a day, then to snuff again. I tried to assure her that's not how it works, but she's just not buying it.

Anyway, my name is Brad and I'm hoping to light up soon!
Welcome from Indiana!
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Mar 30, 2019
In the semi-rural NorthEastern USA
I'm suddenly reminded of the scene in the Woody Allen movie, just after they defrost him and unwrap the aluminum foil, when the future-scientist member of the underground lights up, and when Woody's character exclaims neurotically about it, tells him it had been found to be "actually good for you," or something to that effect.

I wonder why I can't drag up the name of that flick. Maybe because my year-o-meter is going to roll over (again) in a couple of days.
Sleeper. That's the name of the movie.
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