Is that a Good Option for Cigar Storage/Aging?

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Jun 11, 2012
Yeah, wineadors are great, basically big fancy tupperdors or coolerdors. Ages ago I converted a cheap $100 wine cooler into a humi. Took out the wine trays, bought some spanish cedar from a lumber store and just made my own shelves. Worked like a charm - the refrigeration should provide all the moisture you need, so some humidy beads like Heartfelt or whatever will keep the RH down; obviously a digital gauge so you know when to water the beads if the water from the cooling coils isn't enough. Just plug the drain hole in the bottom with some aquarium caulk (because it's food safe) and shove a few beads on every shelf.
Mine held something like 800-1,000 churchills, loved it, but had to leave it behind in a move, broke my heart.


May 26, 2022
Florida - Space Coast
I had one many years ago, the smaller version before they sold them specifically for cigars (sealed with Forrest’s drawers in them), i ordered a set of drawers, waited 8 months through his horrible communication for them, loved it … i live in Florida, i plugged the drain hole and made sure the inside was sealed all of that and in the end unplugged it and used it as a plastic and metal humidor. Unless it’s incredibly hot in your house and incredibly low humidity (it’s all about relative humidity) i wouldn’t bother unless you just like the look or you’re putting it somewhere where that style fits in.

Over the years I’ve had the wineador, the “lauderdale” you see on cigar / humidor sites which actually wasn’t bad once you seal the joints with food safe silicone (less smells to have to air out) a custom bob stabell Aristocrat that i had to sell to a friend when i left California and an Avallio (that i currently have and would never buy another).

Is there an immediate need? Sometimes it’s worth looking online / Craigslist or even estate sales for a cheaper option that might serve you better, it’s not uncommon to find nice end table humidors at estate sales for a great price.

I miss my aristocrat