I Suspect Most Of Us Are Not Average

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May 9, 2021
Geoje Island South Korea
No, a lot of these are superficial and near pointless with really not a lot too see or learn or do. Some are pretty amazing, like Yellowstone.

6 for me, maybe a few more from when I was too small to really count them. I’ve been very close to a lot of these things but there is simply more interesting (to me) stuff nearby.
Yeah I got 6 too.
Jan 27, 2020
Those places on the list which I've been to but highly recommend no one go to.

Vegas Strip: I don't gamble and am not into botox, breast implants nor can I afford to be a sugar daddy or have any desire to if I could. Pass.

South Beach: same as above + shirtless guys in chains cruising in Mustangs or Teslas (maybe they know better to not drive topless as they tend to be pale and flabby) with the the top down causing traffic nightmares. Pass.

Times Square: I live in NYC and this is the last place to visit unless you miss eating at chain restaurants usually found in strip malls. Pass.

Mall of America: it's a mall! Pass.

The Whitehouse: where America's finest go to lie. Pass.

Walt Disney World: Fun if you're 12 or if you have kids, which I don't. Pass.

Saint Augustine: Amazing history but feels like you're still at Disney World but surrounded by elderly people instead of kids. Pass.

Hollywood Sign: well, I haven't been as I am not paid to maintain the grounds and don't think you would actually be able to see much if you're standing under it. Pass.

That's all for now.

Duke of Erinmore

Can't Leave
Jul 5, 2020
Bayreuth, Bavaria, Germany
How about the red light district in Amsterdam? Hey, I wasn't a customer, just a tourist.

I've also travelled a lot around in Europe (17 countries, 19 if you count Monaco and the Vatican), but never been to another continent.

Red light district fun fact: I took a tour there with a really funny guide who explained that the average stay of a customer in a window takes no more than 6 minutes.