I Am Afraid My Pipes Are Ruined, Looking for Advice

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Apr 22, 2019
Okay, I left town for a week and allowed my lieutenant’s kid (I’m a cop) watch my dog and house for the week. During that time I had 4 pipes left on a stand in my bedroom, I never thought the 16 year old kid would do what he did but he used them to smoke marijuana out of. I’m furious, I called my lieutenant and advised him of his kids actions etc. At the end of the day my lieutenant offered to pay for the pipes but one of them has some sentimental attachment. They are all briar and I’m afraid they are ruined forever as the stink and clearly have marijuana resin in them. I don’t think a general cleaning would do the trick and I get drug tested for work and would be jammed if traces of weed were in my system not to mention I can’t stand the smell and wouldn’t want to get even a little high.
Any advice would be appreciated or if you bluntly feel they are ruined I will get reimbursed the money and move on. Thanks.



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Jul 30, 2016
I would use an alcohol retort to try and save them. alternately I would send them out to get ozoned. That costs money that the miscreant should cough up.
Good luck.
As an aside. I would try the "disposable" pipes first. If they survive the cleaning, then clean the sentimental pipe.


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Dec 12, 2016
He used all four? I would imagine that weed doesn't work well with good old fashioned briar pipes. I say I would imagine judging from the way weed looks like in that chunky oily form, not to mention that it would also take a lot of it to fill a bowl, and would have gotten the kid sick more than high. Sad, non the less, mate. So yeah ... why would he try all four? I wish you best of luck in saving the pipes....



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Mar 22, 2018
That’s pretty shitty. Sorry about your pipes. I’d recommend a retort first, if that fails send them away for an ozone treatment. The pipes are fixable, I am sure



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Dec 14, 2015
Salt and alcohol treatment, followed by 2 rounds of used. Offer grounds in the bowl for 24 hours each.



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Nov 24, 2015
What an idiot that kid is. Seriously, wtf was he thinking. lol
I doubt very seriously that there would be any thc left after a wash with alcohol. It's an oil, so it should come out. Probably not much different for you than walking into a house where people are smoking.



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Jan 28, 2018
Ream, salt in cotton balls and possibly even coffee grounds. Since he used all 4, stands to reason he didn't smoke each 10 times. I would think you should be able to salvage them.
I would suggest to the Lieutenant, in lieu of him paying for it, his kid owes you 80 hours of work. Mowing lawn, whatever. Dad paying for it is hardly going to teach the little turd any lesson.



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Dec 29, 2013
Dedicate the pipes to hippy lettuce and make that kid supply you a few ounces of quality herb.



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Nov 26, 2018
probably trying to find the pipe that will smoke just right. goldilocks in action. the kid needs to learn a lesson. never to touch other man's pipe.



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Feb 21, 2013
Bronchial pneumonia when I was a toddler meant I was never going to be a pot guy no matter what, so I have no experience with it, but I'm surprised it carries such a heavy load of resin. It must be juicier than Molto Dolce. Naive me, I would have just packed up some burley and thought to smoke my way out of it. Call in the retort, and never mind me.



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Jun 9, 2018
You should find the kid's favourite bong and smoke a ton of Gawith Hoggarth Ennerdale Flake through it, that would teach the little sod.



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Feb 17, 2014
Little git. I would be livid but honestly, they are not ruined and if you keep smoking they will eventually stop tasting and smelling like it. However, I can't speak with any authority on the trace amounts you may absorb and what the consequences for your tests would be but I'm almost certain you won't get stoned. A good cleaning with the methods the others have suggested would be fine, I'm sure.



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Mar 20, 2014
A retort, if you feel like springing for one. Seriously though, hot alcohol a few times should get any THC and most, if not all, taste out. Then get some strong Burley and treat it like an aromatic ghost if needed. You don't inhale a pipe. Any residual THC you ingest would likely be less than smelling it in someones car or something.
Set the pipe so the end of the stem is slightly higher than the top of the bowl. Pour hot alcohol in the bowl to fill it, and thus the pipe. Let sit for a minute then run very hot tap water into the bowl and through the pipe for a while. Go to town with pipe cleaners while still warm.



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Jul 31, 2018
Wow, that story made my blood boil. The level of disrespect is unbelievable from a 16 year old - which is not exactly a kid anymore. I pray that your temper is much better than mine as I would not deal well at all with the situation.
I can't help you but I really hope you can restore your pipes to your full satisfaction.



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Mar 11, 2014
I was sold an estate calabash that I unfortunately realized when it arrived was ghosted with marijuana gunk. No amount of salt and alcohol treatments or actual carving out of the gourd were able to purge the stench. Fortunately, it seems briar isn’t quite as porous as many used to believe, so I bet there will be a happy ending to your story. I wish you success!



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Nov 18, 2018
I'd say a reaming and alchohol retort should work, since thc is alcohol soluble that should remove any left over.


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