How to Prepare Rope and Twist Pipe Tobacco

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Starting to Get Obsessed
Mar 10, 2021
Was just at the Country Squire in Jackson, Mississippi and they had 4 jars of different types. Give them a call and score some if you're looking for some.


Part of the Furniture Now
Jan 22, 2020
Buenos Aires Province.
Interesting thread. One of the things that got me into pipe smoking 50 years ago was watching the older guys I worked with in Glasgow get their Condor twist or Warhorse Bar out of their pocket and shave some off with the razor sharp penknife they always carried. They would then proceed to rub it out between both palms of their hands. It was an acceptable practice back then so didn't attract any negative glances from the bosses or non smoking fellow workers. Everyone's in such a rush nowadays! ?

I still use a sharp knife to cut my twist.
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Nov 24, 2015
Ordered a bunch of Strang from Motzek. Have been thoroughly enjoying the prep work it takes cutting up little coins. I stack sometimes and others create more of a ribbon. Both are different and awesome.

I like ropes. They're old school.


Starting to Get Obsessed
Oct 8, 2020
It is indeed old school.

I can't remember where I heard it from (possibly Glynn Quelch), but I've been told here in the UK rope/twist was popular among miners as a chewing tobacco.

Most of those mines are now closed.


Feb 21, 2013
Excellent video, short and to the point, focused on the subject not the presenter, with good production values -- close-up, good lighting, clearly narrated, snappy presentation. I've only smoked one order of rope, but I enjoyed it, used a knife to slice it, since I had only those cheap plastic cigar cutters, but the knife had a good carbon steel blade and did the job. Rope keeps so well and can give you a long smoke out of a small chamber, and it stays fresh and retains all the blend's flavor. Nice video, highly recommended for new pipe smokers and for us old guys who can always use a refresher, and maybe a better cigar cutter.
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Might Stick Around
Jul 26, 2022
Nice video. I have a few ropes here with me, use a sharp knife, but do not smoke them very frequently.
By the way, ropes used to be very popular here in Brazil, mostly in rural areas. You can still find in the big popular street markets in cities like São Paulo big rolls of tobacco, that older guys will by and use them to prepare hand rolled cigarettes. We pipe guys buy and load them occasionally in our pipes. Very tasty (they use a lot of local types of tobacco), but also stronger.
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