Grousemoor by Samuel Gawith

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Dec 5, 2021
Western Caccalack Hinterlands
Well Company and Spokesperson are one and the same, given spokesperson part owns and helps run company.
Also GH, i think many people other than myself appreciate you being on the forum and communicating with your customers in this setting.

I hope your great company is profitably around for another 200 years. Not too many things last as long as the GH company has thus far, and that’s no coincidence.

NB- though I am being complimentary, it is my genuine opinion and I am not sponsored or compensated by any producer represented on this or any other forum. Thought I’d drop that in before some wise guy made a post- I know “somma y’all” too well 🤣. Merry Xmas and a happy 2023!!


Can't Leave
Dec 26, 2019
Kendal, UK
I believe that nothing has changed. One thing I would offer is that GH tins are not made for long term storage. I just opened several that have sat at a B&M store probably for a while and all of these were dry and no longer holding a vaccum when I opened the lid. These tins were unopened and still had the plastic seal around the edge.

I’m rehydrating and they seem fine but these were untopped blends
Tins have never been made for long term storage and never will be. Packaging is made to try and ensure the tobacco reaches the end consumer in as top quality as possible and not to sit around on the shelf for ages or in a cellar.


Nov 14, 2020
I’ve had different batches of Bosun, Ennderdale, and I have a 2021 tin of Grousemoor and a 2018 tin. The strength of the Sauce as many call it, was completely different in all of them.

One batch of Bosun and Ennerdale was stronger, also the 2018 tin of Grousemoor has a much stronger scent and taste of this floral note that Grousemoor is know for.


Oct 16, 2020
What I think is I haven't had any for a long time and I enjoy it out walking in cold weather and it is nice enough for a snowy hike with the younger pup today, so I am off to find some Grousemoor!

UB 40

Jul 7, 2022
Cologne/ Germany
When it comes to wine nobody would rant about different nuances in taste from year to year. Try some of Chateau Latour, Chateau Margaux or Chateau Haut Brion through the years. And even once bottled they change some for the better, some not so.

Tobaccos and its ingredients put into „sauces“ are also a product of nature, they change in a similar way. Still the rants are going on. And of course the old mixtures, that aren’t available to most of us are considered the best. Praised like heavenly Ambrosia in the Olymp of smoke.

Every few weeks people are nagging that Hoggarth/ Gawith isn’t doing a good job any more, rusty tins, no sauce, wrong recipes, going commercial …

Every fresh tin of G/H I opened in the small spaceship of my daily tobacco consumption really has been an experience on its own, not found in so many other choices. Each reminding me of an art in tobacco blending, with skills grown in centuries that might be forgotten in a few decades.

Maybe we tend to dismiss the things we can get, than to accept and appreciate the qualities „and now, and here“.


Jan 5, 2020
SW Idaho, USA
Old thread, I know... But UB40 raises such a great point I felt I had to give an 'Amen!'

These finicky weeds are grown and plucked the world over, in ever-changing conditions.
Juggled back to Kendal by ever-changing hands.
Processed in time-honored ways, before shipping out to ever-changing palates.
My guess is that the Gawith's are the least variable variable...
(And God bless 'em.)