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Sep 13, 2013
Our most unsung, underrated, and misunderstood president. The producers did a really good and relatively balanced show. Very much like a recent occupant of the White House, he was not really good selecting his subordinates in many cases. He also thought everyone was as honest and practical as he was. A simple man, his eye always on the prize. And, very apolitical. A rare specimen indeed!
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Dec 8, 2020
East Coast USA
He was surprisingly good as a general and unfortunately unsuited to the office of the presidency. Deceit is a necessary trait of a good president.
Aware of a Nation weary of strife, a Democrat ran his Presidential campaign against Grant on a “return to normalcy” — which, of course, ended Lincoln’s Legacy and Grant’s Federal policies of enforcement of integration and equality —allowing States to write their Jim Crow Laws, circumventing further Federal interferences and the rest is history. Grant was a great man politically smeared. Another hero lost to a “history” written by those who hold power. What’s really changed?
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Aug 2, 2016
I'd seen it before and thought it good. As an aside, when we bought out current home, the previous owner left behind the title abstract to our home, (listing all actions from the beginning through the 1970's) and,when I looked through it, saw that the plat was listed as a grant of land to the town corporation by U.S. Grant.


Feb 21, 2013
Recent biographies have taken a more positive view of Grant's difficult presidency. The corruption that did exist didn't touch him, and he did what he could to dampen it. And his failure to follow through with Reconstruction was part of a balancing act to try to get the South re-united with the Union. It was not a commendable outcome, but it was an impossible assignment that he tackled as well as anyone could have at the time (arguably).

Only God knows, but there is much that he did well as President, given the circumstances.

As an ex-president, he completed his biography while suffering from throat cancer to provide for his family before the presidency offered a pension, and Samuel Clemons/Mark Twain did a good job of selling the book widely and with financial success.

He came a long way from being a penniless ex-Army-officer who ended up selling firewood off a cart to support his family, before being called back into the Army and rising in the ranks with astonishing successes in the West while the Union Army in the East was bogged down and beaten by Lee.
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