Gawith Hoggarth & Co. Happy (Brown) Bogie.

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Junior Member
Jun 12, 2017
June 29, 2017


Taste matches tin note.

Smoking it in a well seasoned cob, (4 weeks)
Very robust. Almost salty tin note. Like a Copenhagen snuff, but more smoke

Cuts easy with a sharp knife, Rubbed out just fine. Let it dry for about an hour.

First light I can taste a slight Latakia, (I'm not even sure this has any).

It's a thick robust smoke. Almost salty just like the tin note. After it went out I enjoyed huffing the flavor through the pipe. Nice bite.

Salty, slight sweetness on the finish. Robust tobacco flavor. Heavy Nicotine Hitter. Needs to dry out alittle.

Found one for my New Rotation.

In many ways it Taste a lot like my favorite cigar line, Tatuaje.

For such a stout smoke, it has a lot of complexity. With heat intensity it goes from a snuff flavor when cool, to a cigar flavor when temp rises. But comes right back down to the Salty Snuff when cool again
Taste: 5 Stars (Copenhagen,Tatuaje)

Strength 4 Stars

Room Note 4 Stars - distinct (turpentine, sweet tobacco)



Preferred Member
Oct 14, 2015
Sunny Cornwall, UK.
Brown Bogie is indeed a robust blend, so much so I had to cut mine with a straight Virginia just so as I could smoke it :roll:
As for tasting Latakia there shouldn't be any in there but I have had blends from both Kendal houses that just occasionally I detected the merest whisper of that vile weed.


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Jul 21, 2015
I love this blend. Following @mawnsmiff, I tend to cut it with a mixture of Burleys, probably about 40%.



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Aug 20, 2013
brown rope

black rope/Dark Flake,Plug/1792

War Horse Plug (not plug but crumble cake)

Chant's Cake
These are the strongest that I know, in descending order. There is a blend called Cottonbail that is a twist that seems rough that I've never tried. Also Moztek in Germany that makes a twist of 50% Perique and 50% Dark Fired that should kick. More information in the review section.

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