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Part of the Furniture Now
Jul 5, 2021
Louisville, KY, USA
Just broke out a jar of the 2022. It doesn't seem to have the strength of the Juicyfruit scent as it did out of the box, but it's still noticeable. The taste definitely held up, I'll be going back for year two.

Side note, I nearly needed to find a tool of some sort to get the jar lid off, so I now have a great deal of faith in the seals on the rest of my jars.


Starting to Get Obsessed
Feb 24, 2021
I happened to be looking up a blend on TR and saw a flyer for the rerelease of Folklore on 01-25-23. I'm surprised no one else posted this sooner. I'm not getting any this go around so I figured would get the madness started.
Does it drop tonight 1/24 at midnight or tomorrow night?


Part of the Furniture Now
Jul 8, 2020
Boston, Massachusetts
Shane Ireland's recent Folklore impressions....Spoiler Alert

Check out the Jan Mystery Tobacco Review if you are interested in Shane's recent views on 2022 Folklore and how it has aged so far.
I really enjoy the Mystery Tobacco Review. Sure, it is marketing. However, the January edition was sort of creepy infomercial level marketing.
Mar 13, 2020
This is from Tobacco Pipes. I noticed Wilkes had some a few days ago as well, but they soon sold out.

I'm excited to try some. I missed out on last drop somehow. Glad it came back around for latecomers such as myself.
So... did the cigar flavor standout in last years release? Also does anyone know if there is cigar leaf in this years release?
No, I did not get any cigarish flavors. It is sometimes added to enhance the mouth feel of the smoke. Most of the distinct cigar flavors come from the actual leaf touching your lips as you smoke, moreso than just the flavor of the smoke. But, it did add a certain spiciness unique to cigar blends of pipe tobaccos.

6PM, awesome, so I won't have to miss it.