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New member
Nov 3, 2012
Spring Hill Florida

Fellow pipe smoker belated welcome to PipesMagazine.com.

I'm up in Hernando County , Spring Hill, Florida. Are there any of my fellow pipe smokers in the area that would like to form a pipe club in the Spring Hill , Brooksville area please get in touch with me.


Bob S

aka bracerbob

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Senior Member
May 9, 2009
Looking for Larry, from the Boca Raton Club who meet at Casa de Montecristo by Prime Cigar in Boca Raton. My friend Jim, a cigar smoker, who splits his time between NYC and Boca and who is a member of said lounge and who I know from my hometown lounge here in Queens, NYC, tells me that there is a very active pipe club there in Boca who meet at the Casa de Montecristo. The Pres.'s name is Larry and I will be hoping to meet him or bump into him in Chicago next week.



New member
Oct 2, 2019
If anyone would like to start a pipe club for southwest Florida, I would be willing to host at my place. I have a large screened lanai that can hold 15-20 comfortably. I live off of exit 205 in Sarasota.
I'm in the Sarasota area looking for fellow pipe smokers