Fall Weather Means Pipe Season is Coming to a Close

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Preferred Member
Jul 29, 2013
Here in Colorado, it can get pretty damn cold, even in October and November. The other side of that is it can be almost warm on days in December and January. Either way, the days of smoking outside are becoming fewer and farther. The last few days here in Denver have been warm, sunny and mild: perfect days for smoking.
I've taken the last few days to liberally smoke up a bunch of Erin Go Bragh Irish Whiskey, 1Q, Ruins of Isengard and R18 (B&M blend). To say the least, it feels good to get the briar back in my hands for multiple days in a row. Between the weather, kids, work, school and the house ... I don't have much time to fit in a solid regular hour long smoke break.
This could be it until Spring, I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Some Erin Go Bragh in my Savinelli Oscar



Mar 3, 2013
Fall and winter I cut back on smoking but it's really only the dead of winter that I'll quit, I'm thinking about buying a little portable heater for my back porch or maybe I should try smoking in the hot tub ;)



Preferred Member
Sep 30, 2011
Get yourself some long johns, a sweater, another sweater, a big winter coat, a hat, and a scarf, and some gloves, and you're good to go.


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Dec 1, 2012
Hummm,I dont slow down in the winter at all,,I just sit on my couch and puff away,lol.



Preferred Member
Jun 19, 2013
I hear you Commander! The warm days we get are great, but the temps drop so fast the joy goes away. I'm in Loveland, BTW. I went out a few days ago and half way through my bowl the wind kicks in, the temp drops and I start thinking of heading inside. I was prepared but it still sucks. The cold temp I can handle, not the cold wind.



Preferred Member
May 17, 2011
Northern New Jersey
I've never let a bit of weather get in way of my pipe smoking. Accessing a pipe smoking shelter from the elements, beit the garage, tool shed, shop, or vehicle is always an option. For those on six figure sallaries there's always the option of building a sun room or enclosed porch addition to your house. I tend to rough it outdoors or in the garage. Of course my truck is a mobile smoker's lounge, but I don't relish driving just to have a smoke.



Preferred Member
Apr 7, 2012
I think I would be investing in a clean air system and claiming a room in the house. There is no way I would stop smoking my pipe all winter long. Of course we work outside a good chunk of the winter and I smoke outside while working. You do tend to get used to the cold and you dress accordingly.



Junior Member
Oct 27, 2013
i only smoke outside and like it quite a bit, during the colder/chillier weather.. i bundle up and sit back and relax..



Preferred Member
Aug 3, 2013
SF Bay Area
I chose the shed-in-the-yard method ... with an exhaust fan, insulation, and wallboard, it's an ideal small room that can readily be warmed with a space heater ... been smoking cigars and pipes out there for years ...
Yes, I know ... no snow where I live, but there's no shortage of winter time rain and temps that drop far lower than is even remotely comfortable to sit outside in ... if I lived in a snowy environment, it'd not just be nice, it'd be mandatory ...
The garage option is the only alternative I can think of ... friend of mine in Idaho has done a rough finish on his garage (insulation and wallboard), installed a TV and some comfy furniture ... a while back, his wife surprised him by having a plumber install a urinal out there, partly just to be nice, partly to keep him and his frequent fellow-smoker guest(s) from opening the door to the house and letting smoke in ...



Senior Member
Jun 12, 2013
Winter is coming so my pipe smoking stays at its usual level. My chair is just as comfortable now as any other time. Sure am glad my wife doesn't mind the pipe in the house. Just spray a little ozium and good to go. It's amazing how long that little can will last.




Preferred Member
May 26, 2012
United States
Winter means I smoke more outside on my lanai and my front porch. I have been out on my lanai most of the day as it is a nice balmy 80 degrees with some cooling tropical breezes. I smoke indoors during the summer here in Florida.



Preferred Member
Jun 11, 2012
Austin, TX
Here in central Texas it's the summer that kills my smoking. We typically go a good number of consecutive days at over 100 degress every year. I primarily smoke in the garage (which is the most outdoors I ever smoke) and with the heat it is unbearable. Even late at night it's still 90 degrees in there.
Now that fall is here, it's much nicer and I find myself enjoying a bowl a lot more often.



Preferred Member
Jun 10, 2013
Lived in Denver for 3 years. Cold there is nothing compared to South Dakota where I've spent the rest of my life. There's no way I could take a Winter hiatus. At worst I would sit in a running vehicle but there's no way I'll stop piping.



Preferred Member
Apr 17, 2013
I won't stop altogether, but the garage gets old (and cold) pretty fast -- at least I'm out of the wind -- so I definitely don't smoke as much during the winter months. Sitting in the garage does not quite measure up to sitting on the porch or the back deck.



Preferred Member
Jan 25, 2012
One of my favorite winter time pipes is after I get done shoveling the snow from my driveway. Once I've warmed myself up from the effort and gotten all the white stuff clear I light a pipe and stand back admiring my handiwork. My pipe always goes with me on snowshoe adventures and winter hikes. There is just something right about a warm smoldering bowl in the hand on a cold winters day.



Preferred Member
Jun 15, 2013
Here is SoCal, winter means that the mini skirts are 1/2" longer. Doesn't affect my pipe smoking at all.



Staff member
May 11, 2011
Ah, I miss short skirts already here in Maryland!

In the Fall, I move off my comfy patio into my workshop section of the garage. It's insulated, I have a nice chair, footstool, wi-fi and a table for beverages and reading material, plus a good light. My garage is insulated and to this point, I haven't needed a heater, but I have a little electric space heater to take the chill off in the really cold weather (garage gets down to around 50 degrees). It's interesting and comfy to smoke without a breeze. However, by the time Spring rolls around, I feel like a prisoner and long for the fresh air.



Preferred Member
Sep 13, 2013
Are most of our members prohibited from smoking in the house, in comfort? Why? Spousal fiat? Consideration of others? Children? Elderly? Not wanting the musty, old smoke smell in the drapes and carpet?

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