Estate Pipe Collectors

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Feb 26, 2015
Donjgiles clued me into what I was looking at with the Soren. The junktique shop I found mine in had a couple other Sorens and I gave the information to Don and he bought what they had. In hindsight, I probably should have bought another one myself.
When I go fishing with my son-in-law, I take a couple of Missouri Meerschaum. If I drop one and can't fish it out of the water, I smoke the other one.



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Feb 5, 2019
South Florida
Probably my favorite find is a nineteenth century ladies’ meerschaum that I found in an antique shop on Grand Cayman.

The $300+ that they were asking for it was more than I had ever spent on a pipe, but it is exquisite! No regrets!

I haven’t managed posting pictures to the chat yet, so I’ll just have to describe it.

It is meerschaum, nicely colored in from years of smoking, with an amber mouthpiece and a silver band separating them.

The case has an internal latch that you release by pushing a button and stamped inside in gold is a pair of gryphons rampant bracing a monogrammed shield with a crown on top of it.

It is the smallest and most delicate of all my meerschaums and the internal measurement of the bowl is only half an inch.

It’s unsigned and that’s a shame, because the quality of the carving would put even Yanik to shame as a fumble fingered idiot!

The shape of the pipe is the bust of a slender necked young lady with her hair piled high on top of her head, exposing a matched necklace and ear rings.

She’s wearing a ribboned straw hat on top of her hair and the very thin ribbons cascade from her hat’s brim to the pipestem below.

The straw hat is a masterwork in itself as you can see the weave and details of its’ construction.
That’s a pipe that could tell some stories!



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Jul 28, 2016
I don't have time to restore so when it comes to estate market I'd buy refurbished and because of this fact those English made ones weren't that affordable finds, nonetheless even with the faded finishes of those few I'm still quite surprised how well and effortlessly these do smoke, moreover,I have soft spot for those strictly classical English shapes so no wonder I find myself often looking at English made estates.


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May 12, 2015
Monterey Peninsula
I bet some were buried with their favorite pipe!
Reminds me to add a pipe to my pyre (someone else will have to do it as I will be out of commission). Who says you can't take it with you?!



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May 26, 2012
United States
I buy estate pipes for financial reasons. Over the years I have gotten some great deals. I bought a Castello Collection Occio Di Pernice that retails for 630.00 for 184.00 delivered. I have a Stephen Downie Apple I paid a 125.00 for. I have all kinds Rad Davis and Brian Ruthenbergs I paid 175.00 -225.00. Why pay 400.00 plus when you can pay half that for a nice estate?
I do like some history and have half a dozen Pre Transition Barlings that are pretty cool. There are tons of good deals out there if you know what you are doing and are patient.



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Jan 28, 2018
I buy some new and some estate. If the estate is in really good condition, I clean it myself and start smoking. Otherwise, I just sent 4 off to Briarworks to be repaired/refurbished.
The moment you take possession of a pipe, it technically becomes an estate. The first time you smoke it, there's no technically about it, it is definitely an estate. If you are patient and a bit knowledgeable, there are some excellent deals on the estate market.



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May 3, 2010
Las Vegas, NV
For me estates are a way to get some really good pipes at a lower price point. I picked up two Pete Prevost estates that are really nice. One of them is one of his earliest workings with bamboo. Got a Silver Gray blasted hawkbill with fig shaped bowl for a really good price. Picked up a Sam Adebayo blasted horn that was at a really good price.
I suggest using SmokingPipes. Their restoration team is incredible and they price the pipes pretty fairly, plus they do run discounts on estates from time to time (10-15% sometimes on a random weekend just because).


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