Eight State Burley New Impressions

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Part of the Furniture Now
Sep 23, 2019
The is for the 1st release of ESB from last year, I haven't bought the new one yet although I fully intend to now that I have a new appreciation for the blend.

When I first tried the blend last year, my thoughts on it were kind of meh, which I admit often happens with my first impressions. I smoked one or two bowls, jarred it, with the hopes that 6 months later or so I'll smoke it again and see if my opinion has changed.

And indeed, my opinion has definitely changed. Im not sure the exact reason it works like this, but it often does. Maybe the blend does change over time, but I think the more likely scenario is that my technique improves ever so slightly combined with the fact that I'm now smoking the blend without pre conceived expectations.

Let me begin by saying that the notion that this blend is egregiously topped like some reviews seem to imply, is just simply not true. You get a slight sweet aroma from the tin, but thats about it. It packs perfectly, the moisture level and cut are right on point. I think I relit one time, and I used a fairly deep bowl. The mechanics are top notch.

Upon first light you get a dry, woody, nutty, slightly bitter almond shell sort of note. But the further you smoke down the bowl, a nice sweetness is present and it actually seems to build the further you go. Not what you'd expect if it was topped like an aromatic. I believe the underlying sweetness is natural, as its still somewhat subtle and not in your face. Its very enjoyable, and rather complex for a typical burley blend. I imagine this is from the Orientals, but the components overall seem to be very high quality.

The nicotine strength is a solid medium IMO, as well as the taste. This is easily a four star blend and will probably be a flagship over the years.


Nov 26, 2018
Still haven't opened last year's nor this year's stash. Giving about three years then a month in a jar after first bowl. Probably taste about right then.
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Part of the Furniture Now
Sep 11, 2019
Wausau, Wis
I watched their video review for Eight State Burley. It was a pleasure to watch: they are super awesome. So cool that a husband and wife duo smoke pipes together and even record videos about their experiences.

Interesting, too, to hear them compare it (favorably) to Carter Hall. I may be opening a tin sometime this spring or summer.


Feb 21, 2013
Speaking for myself, I often have to "learn" blends. First impressions are mixed, but after six or eight bowls, I begin to zero in on what is good about a blend that I have repeated regularly. i bought two tins of Eight State, but I plan to age it some before I crack one.

Reading the text on the tin, I count about eight different tobaccos building on the burley base, and the various condiments are aged different times. So we're talking a complexity of blending here. I wouldn't expect an immediate "oh boy" response. This takes some savoring and some repetition to get the full experience. If it just isn't for me, I will eventually know it. But being a burley guy, I expect I will find it good, even if it takes some time.

By the time I report back, the excitement will have moved on to a series of other limited run blends, but I will likely comment, belatedly.


Starting to Get Obsessed
Jun 23, 2019
I was gifted two tins of Eight State Burley. One of the tins was opened with maybe two bowls missing. I left it in the tin and smoked it periodically. The last few bowls were fantastic. After about six months I opened the other tin. When I opened it the tobacco smelled nothing like the other one. I was pretty disappointed. The first tin was already opened like I said, but it smelled more cocoay and when I smoked it I was thinking "I don't want to be without this!" The unopened tin was really sour smelling, and smelled more vegetive. I put it in a Mason jar to put some age on it. I think the problem is the tobacco is very young. I'm actually having a bowl right now as I type this. It's a little better but not quite there yet. I think I'm going to dump this and load up a bowl of Pegasus.


Can't Leave
Jan 5, 2020
It is interesting this review should be bumped today as I'm currently smoking a bowl. My first impressions were similar but as I smoked through the tin I've found the flavors building and growing on me. My tin has an almost Tonquin like flavor or maybe sweet almond? Not sure...I'm certainly no good at reviews. The short of is that I like it. I only bought the one tin and it probably has five bowls left of it. Good tobacco though.
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