Does Everyone Use Pipe Filters?

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Might Stick Around
Jan 6, 2024
Ontario, Canada
Title edited for caps. And the answer is no.

I'm using 9mm filters with my pipe and looking at them after just two smokes I feel like everyone should :)
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Sep 14, 2011
Only time I have used filters in decades was when a kind soul gave me a canister of Kentucky Club Mild. After some experimentation, I purchased an MM Boone and used balsa wood filters to smoke that. Those tamed the tongue bite without diminishing the flavor. With the KCM gone, I smoke's Milan's copy in that Boone, but don't need the filters,since it's not as chemical laden as the original. YMMV. puffy
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Part of the Furniture Now
Nov 8, 2020
Smithsburg, Maryland
I use them sometimes, but that's more of an attempt to regulate the draw than filter the undesirables. If I have filters, sometimes I use them, sometimes I don't. I do actually prefer my Savinelli 614 with the balsa filter though because it gives me a draw that I like.
I feel like everyone should
Your enthusiasm is noted. But, since most pipes aren't made for filters, it's not very widespread in the US. However, it is a popular among Europeans. In the US filter pipes are mostly made fun of in most circles... except for the forums. People are conditioned to be or feel insulted on online venues, whereas in real life people are better at taking a joke in the spirit of backslapping and camaraderie.

edit: and No, I do not use filters.


Sep 17, 2023
Despite people not liking them I do. Id say 2/3 of my pipes accept a 9mm. They are easy to find in Germany. Not so much elsewhere. Except for a couple of pipes my regiment is a few meer chips in the bottom and then the 9mm. I find meer chips keep the whole bowl fresher and you dont get the bottom of the bowl flavor as much. Also, they take up space in some pipes when I dont want a super long smoke. My preference tends to be for about a 40 minute smoke. After that I tend to stop paying attention and there is little point.

I use the chips in my nonfiltered pipes. I find overall it has the added benefit of keeping your pipe really clean. A lot of the tars are sucked up. Yes it changes the flavor a little. Most often (to me) for the better. When it doesnt I can always chose to go sans filter.

Do I think everyone shoud...nope. Its just what I like (today).
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