Country Squire Radio Announces The End of its Decade Long Podcast

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Oct 16, 2011
Just listening to their announcement as I read this.

I’ve been a weekly listener for very nearly the whole ten years. I’ll really miss the show. A solid part of my weekly routine, invariably enjoyed with a pipe. Always a chance to escape the daily grind and hang out in a virtual pipe shop.

A hell of a run. JD and Beau did it right.

Sir Yak

Starting to Get Obsessed
Jan 15, 2022
Congrats to them on an impressive run. Beau typically doesn’t get much love on this forum. JD and Beau together made a great show that a lot of people have enjoyed. It would not have been the same without one of them (It’s not for everybody and that’s OK of course) I have loved listening to CSR every week for years and will miss the show. I hope it’s a change that makes them both happy.
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Dec 12, 2012
Given the attention they’ve received on the PMRS, I‘ve tried to watch/listen, but I just couldn’t take it. I just recall extended discussions about what they’re drinking (who cares?) and lots of wasted time. I much prefer the more practical and informative approach that Brian takes.


Starting to Get Obsessed
Sep 29, 2016
Seattle, WA
I'm sad to see them go. Love em or hate em, they provided some great content at times and I think overall contributed a great deal to the pipe community.

I wish both of them the best and I especially wish Jon David and The Country Squire continued success at the shop. It can't be easy running a successful B&M Pipe Shop in Jackson, MS. As a Mississippi native, I can tell you that there are not a whole lot of pipesmokers to be had in that market, but he seems to have done pretty well (I'm sure the online sales don't hurt).

I think our hobby can use all the exposure it can get considering the current overall attitude regarding smoking of any kind. So CSR leaving the airwaves certainly leaves a void in the market. Hopefully there is someone else that can fill that vacuum that will appeal to CSR listeners. I personally liked their format (if a little rambling at times) and the different series of shows that they put out there.

I wish them well.
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Sam Gamgee

Starting to Get Obsessed
Sep 24, 2022
DFW, Texas
I listened to a few dozen episodes but have recently moved away from podcasts (just so much content and it ends up not being worth the time-investment for me - YMMV). Something that always stuck out to me was how Jon David was such a positive person. I don't recall once hearing him say anything negative about anyone or anything. In a world full of bellyachers, that's impressive. I wish them well.