Cosmic Pipe Tamps

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Feb 22, 2019
Rockvale, TN
I admit it, most of the time, I carry a golf tee. I have several bags of tees from years back when my kids all gave me golf stuff for Christmases. And, in a bind, I will use the top of a flat ink pen or my finger.

But, when I gather up my "good" smoking accoutrements, I grab my sterling silver one with marquise garnets and amber cabochons that I made a few years ago. I had made it to sell, but I had to toss it aside and remake it, because the foot made it set at an angle of about 4.25 degrees, which is about the same amount of lean as the Tower of Pisa. It was too perfect to sell, but too perfect not to use. It was perfect for fueling my imagination.

Items of contemplation... as a kid I remember going to the museum and seeing a section on Victorian life, the art and culture, and there was a display of the things men would have carried in their pockets. small filve, a small knife, a flint, a pipe tamper... oh, of course I enjoy tamping with a small nail, or a small piece of wood that I picked up while walking the dog, or even a small carved tip of a deer antler. I've made tamps for a guy who wanted one made from a racoon penis bone. But, sometimes, I want something that reflects the age, the age of gentlemen. A few pinpoints of colored light from a gemstone, the gentle flair of the shaft of the tamper, the settings, the balance of the thing. Or, my imagination really starts to flail as it becomes a space projectile, an arrow, an item for ritualistically setting the golf ball for the $10,000 shot.

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My tamps are almost exactly 0.60 oz in weight, which is what I have found to be perfect for gently crushing down flaring tobacco threads or keeping unwinding flakes at bay. It crushes without being a ramrod. Fire keeper, tender... with a gently formed spade on the end for removing the ashes and dottle. Not a sharp point on the thing at all, but it gives the illusion...

Now, I like sterling silver, the feel of it. If I am carrying it, I will sometimes wrap my fingers around it when I shield my hands in my pockets. And, when I go to pay for my purchase at the register, I will fish for my money clip and some change and invariably I will reveal my pipe tamper... It's a statement. I am a gentleman. I am a pipesmoker. I have a small metal weapon in my pocket, if I should need to stab someone. You know... if the need arises.

It can start conversations...

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What I like about the ones made of bronze and copper is the color. The bronze is my own formula. It doesn't tarnish easily. And, the more you handle it, the more of your body's oils keep it coated and protected. But, the warm yellow glow of the bronze next to the wram copper... copper always looks alive to me, like a magical metal. Even fresh penneys, the beautiful bottom of a really nice cooking pot... reds, yellows, a slight green glow behind the magic. The garnets... texture, tactile on the fingers. It has a feel, a warm feel.

Yeh, tampers... sigh... I swipe out the ashes, knock the pipe on my rest, wipe the tamp on my jeans, and...

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Soooo... too fancy for ya? What do you think?
I genuinely can’t get over these. I’ve looked at them several times. Never been much of a Tamper guy (Czech & fingertip), but these? Wow. Talent like that blows me away!
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