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Sep 10, 2018
I have exhausted myself trying to find the unobtainable blends and decided to focus on finding easily available blends. I zeroed in on Cornell and Diehl due to the availability and their vast choices. However, this has proven to be a difficult task because their vast choices consists of 300+ blends!!! This is a blessing in disguise because I simply can not make up my mind on what blends to get. At the end of March I want to order 10 C&D blends and would like some help choosing. I am a fan of almost everything, no cigar leaf blends for me. I am looking to get mostly English blends, a few aromatics and something new. I am curious as to your suggestions and I will post pictures of the order when it comes in.



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Nov 12, 2014
Black Frigate

Star of the East



Speakeasy Navy Blend

Belmont Station

Autumn Evening

Orion's Arrow

Oriental Silk

Old Joe Krantz



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Jul 11, 2014
I have enjoyed many a C&D blend, but I haven't ordered any in more than about 3 yrs. I find that the offerings by Daughters and Ryan will satisfy my cravings, at a fraction of the price of any other premium tobacco.

My favorites were:

Big 'n Burley

5 O'clock Shadow

Haven't tried to board the ship yet. Ya gotta keep one blend out of the "been there, done that' category, doncha?


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Nov 18, 2018
Founding Fathers

Exhausted Rooster

Mad Fiddler Fake

Dreams of Kadath
Those are my favs from them, I've tried 8 or 10 total. I think dreams of Kadath has Katerini, which I think I read is a cigar tobacco, I'm not sure, But its soooooo good.



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Jan 28, 2018
Not a huge C&D fan but there are several that I like and would recommend. Opening Night, Yorktown, Star of the East, Dreams of Kadath and Black Frigate.



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Mar 22, 2018
I haven't had a bad blend yet. The three below are my go to smokes and are available in bulk

haunted bookshop

bayou morning

bayou night



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Jul 19, 2018
Haunted Bookshop

Old Joe Krantz

Bayou Night - one of only a few blends with latakia that I like.
All of three of these have plenty of punch for me and serve to balance out my Va/VaPer hoard. They've become a more common go-to because they're dry enough out of the tin and strong enough to load a quick small bowl when I want something satisfying - usually in the morning with coffee.



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Mar 17, 2018
Toronto Ontario, Canada
I’m an aromatic smoker mostly so can only attest to those

C&D has never let me down

Autumn evening


Mississippi mud

Pirate cake

Stove pipe

Green river vanilla

Just to name a few



Dec 20, 2016
Morley's Best is a good one. Also, I loved Heady Doctrine, but it was a small release and I don't know if any of their regular production blends are like it.
This week I'll probably order the Lovecraft-themed blends to try, just out of curiosity.
The company produces so many blends as the OP mentions. I find it hard to believe that people who have tried them widely aren't a fan of at least one of their products.



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Nov 12, 2014
I find it hard to believe that people who have tried them widely aren't a fan of at least one of their products.
If I were still in the market, C&D would be the only company that's still around that I would be buying from.



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Aug 9, 2013
Outer Space
I am not a HUGE fan of latakia, but I hear that C&D are very good with these types of blends. The only Balkan from them that I am familiar with is Star of the East, because we used to have a member here, Kashmir, that was a big fan. So, I picked up a few pounds of this one to try. It is has a unique sour taste that I enjoy a lot in the winter. The rest that I enjoy have a cigar component, that you said that you don't like.

Some have mentioned some Virginia based blends. You didn't express an interest in them, but they are good also. I suggest giving their Virginias at least a year in the cellar to cool their heels, so to speak.



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Aug 9, 2018
Lexington, KY
I'm a huge fan of Three Friars, which is a Burley blend with Virginia and Perique.
For the English/English aromatic category, I really enjoy Epiphany and Old College. Epiphany fills the gap left behind by Dunhill's The Aperitif very well, even though it's not a match blend. Old College is the easiest burning tobacco I've ever smoked. It has good Latakia flavor, but the black cav makes this blend basically smoke itself.
As many have said, Black Frigate is an iconic blend. I may be the only person around here who's indifferent to it, but everyone should try it. I've never had a C&D aromatic, so I'll refrain from giving advice there.



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May 9, 2018
Raleigh, NC
Black Frigate is most certainly a must try. I still have yet to try Blockade Runner, which its base, but I'll get there. I can't really comment on many other blends, but Dreams of Kadath is pretty awesome. I have Yorktown and Haunted Bookshop on hand and both are pretty good. So as far as vouching for C&D at least, I'd say they do a really nice job. Also everything comes with the right amount of moisture for me to fill a bowl right from the bag the minute I open the box.



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Nov 12, 2014
You're an influencer! C&D should be cutting you a royalties check for every tin of BF sold :nana:
During the Bijou mold incident of 2016, they replaced my affected tins with tins of Black Frigate without even having to ask. They know me well. I used to order pound bricks of BF directly from C&D prior to the Laudasi buyout so I've been a known lover of the stuff to them for a while. :mrgreen: Now that I think of it, I think this year marks the 20th anniversary of my first tin of it.


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