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Aug 2, 2016
No pretention here. I drink whatever is on sale that week at the supermarket. One day in WalMart I found one-pound freeze-dried blocks of Nabob. I bought 50 blocks. Good stuff, that Nabob.
I buy my coffee from WalMart, too, looking for whatever dark roast coffee looks appealing for the money. However, am always having to change what I purchase as our local WalMart has the annoying habit of lulling you into the complacency of believing you've found just what you want when they'll stop stocking it and it's back to the drawing board. Recently that meant giving the store brand French roast a try. Not bad and less than $12 for 2 pounds.


Can't Leave
Sep 29, 2016
Seattle, WA
If I just need a jolt of caffeine in the morning, then it's just good ole K-cups from Costco. But I also have a Nespresso Vertuo machine that makes some damn fine coffee that I'll use for my early afternoon cup.

But if I'm really wanting some tasty coffee, then I'll drive over to this little place called Pilgrim Cafe. Their coffee is fantastic. I'll also walk to Herkimer Coffee Roasters near our house. They make some incredible coffee as well.

I usually like a little half & half in my K-cup coffee. I love a good, dark Espresso, but I'm not opposed to a fine Latte with an extra shot.


Starting to Get Obsessed
Oct 18, 2022
New Orleans, LA
We drink Community Coffee (regional roaster)with Chicory & a little half & half daily. There’s a good amount of local roasters down here so it’s hard to choose a favorite. I tend to go in for darker roasts when we hit their shops. I love using the French press when I’ve got time or when the power is out.


Oct 16, 2020
I jump around to different roasters - Iron Bean (thanks @Streeper541) is good with great customer service, Olympia and Intelligentsia have good espresso beans and other good coffee. Been using a Chemex for around 8 years or so, like the process of grinding and working on the recipe. Always black unless I use our inexpensive little espresso machine and whip up mochas.


Can't Leave
May 13, 2020
Brooklyn, NY
Just as it comes from nature, of course. Which is to say black espresso (without sugar, milk or cream).

I have a small, no frills Italian Fiorenzato professional machine I bought a dozen years ago (which occasionally I need to tear to bits to replace something) and a Macap grinder (which took a few months with different brands of beans to dial in). But pretty much instantaneous and effortless--after a lifetime of various stovetop models and French press pots, and the occasional desperate resort to "campfire" methods when disaster strikes. . . .

Briar Lee

Sep 4, 2021
Humansville Missouri
I can distinctly remember the first time I learned to like the taste of coffee.

In the fall of 1976 I’d wrecked my 1972 Gran Torino, and was car less for a few months.

This meant that to travel from college in Kansas City to Humansville (which was the center of all known life in the universe) I had to either bum rides or take the Continental Trailways bus.

There was another Humansville boy named Mark Miller who one cold November Friday let me ride in his Firebird home, but just South of Harrisonville he lost control on the ice and we slid into the median. I was able to push him and we got back on the road, but he’d lost his taste for the adventure and we drove back to the dormitory.

I had two uncles who lived in Kansas City, and my Uncle Ben was the stereotype of a semi truck driver, and a call to my Aunt Mildred (my mother’s sister) was all it took to get me a trip South with Uncle Ben after he returned from his run to St. Joesph.

He came by the dorm to pick me up, and his plan was to drive East on I-70 to go down Highway 13, and he had a big half gallon thermos of Aunt Mildred’s black coffee.

With the CB in his pickup blaring, and Uncle Ben telling stories of the D Day Invasion, I learned to drink black coffee that evening.

Mark Miller became a pharmacist and lived in an exclusive neighborhood of town homes in Tulsa Oklahoma, about 35 years later.

A deranged man, rammed his vehicle into a neighbors town home, and left the scene. While she was being sheltered by Mark at his town home, the perp returned to the scene, and Mark took his handgun and went to confront the man.

Mark was too soft hearted for such confrontations. The bad guy took Mark’s gun away and killed him.

He should have stayed where he was, and not taken any chances, you know?
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