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Senior Member
Oct 17, 2012
Central Florida
Well, with these on sale, the timing for this question may be on the mark. Which of their 8 available blends are winners and which are snoozers? And - which are absolute must have favorites?
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Preferred Member
Dec 22, 2017
Phoenix, AZ
I have only smoked 10 Russians. It is heavy on the Latakia, but a really fun full lat blend. Many people comment on its strength, but I didn’t find it strong or off putting. Bold flavors yes, but strong, like gag you in the throat strength, I didn’t get. Good luck in exploring new flavors.


Preferred Member
Apr 29, 2017
Minnesota USA
I have some that I squirreled away a few years back during a sale and haven't touched. Several tins of Diamond Head and something else which I don't recall right now.

Mostly English blends and they rate a 3 or better on TR.
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At $33 and change for the 8 oz. not a bad deal. Seems they were going for a bit less a few years ago.


Preferred Member
Mar 24, 2012
Southport, North Carolina
Stimulus Package is strong on Lat (as are nearly all the CE blends) tasty and has a touch of brightness behind the tire fire. I have a handful of tins of it cellared. Mystic was 3* at a stretch for me - it never focused, but I smoked that one in the heat of a NC coast summer - these flavor profiles tend to lend themselves to cool / cold weather IMO. Ten Russians is VERY full flavor - tasty Lat bomb all the way. I have a 2019 tin of Diamond Head on deck and will likely crack it next week as Drucquer Red Lion leaves the current rotation. As a family of blends, they are earthy, mostly full flavored, burn well and none have rated poorly in my book.


Preferred Member
Mar 16, 2019
Jacksonville, FL
My favorite is Stimulus Package. Yes, it is heavy on the Latakia but, it is the Orientals in this one that make it special. Ten Russians is great, as well. I see it as the more Latakia forward, with the other tobaccos taking a back seat.
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Preferred Member
Nov 21, 2018
Atlanta, GA
Mystic is very enjoyable. Perfect moisture, lights and smokes like a champ. I think it tastes very sweet compared to every other English I’ve had, but not in a fake way. It’s just really sweet. And delicious.

Ten Russians is great, too. It has a dry mouthfeel, and the Latakia pretty well drowns out everything else. Lots of leather, smoke, creosote flavors. Strength and nicotine are not overly strong in my opinion.

Haven’t had any of the other ones, but I can’t imagine any of them are terrible.
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