Can I Disable My Account?

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May 11, 2011
There is no way to disable an account, you can just let it go dormant (or change all the contact info on your profile).

The nature of some folks just doesn't fit an open forum platform, but I hope you'll trying giving it a rest, before abandoning the forum.



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Jan 5, 2018
Forc, you have been a great contributor to the forum. And you in turn gain much. Yes, you will have some conflict occasionally on here but life is conflict. You will meet all kinds of people in the world. See it as an opportunity to learn how to deal with the difficult ones. You might end up being surprised over time that those who you have disagreements with will end up being friendly in the end. Stick around. We enjoy your participation.



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Jun 26, 2016
An unpleasant person is enough to contaminate an entire environment
Only if you let them.
If you really want to go, then go. Just stop posting and reading replies. I've always enjoyed your photos of your collection, but its all up to you.


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Jul 30, 2016
If you really want to go, then go. Just stop posting and reading replies. I've always enjoyed your photos of your collection, but its all up to you.
I never understood these threads. Why all the drama? Aren't we all grown assed adults?
I guess my life experiences and occupation give me a thicker skin than most.
Here's my advice. Do whatever pleases you.



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Jun 11, 2017
@forciori, I understand your position and have had similar interactions on message boards. These types of social media are unique and often riddled with misunderstanding, but they do have value for longer discussions.
You might find Instagram (#instagrampipecommunity, #ipc) more suited to your goals. That community is more focused on pictures and discussion of pipes without the negativity often seen on message boards.
Otherwise, keep posting brother. Be yourself. We like you here, please stay.



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Mar 27, 2010
I understand your frustration, and have felt the same myself in the past. I chose to back off for a time and eventually returned. Over the years many have come and gone from this forum, but I believe that the core groups are good people that just happen to share a love for pipes & tobacco. Based on the positive comments you’ve received from this post I hope your departure is short lived.



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Dec 24, 2010
North Carolina
If some here have been rude to you please keep in mind that it's a small minority..The rest of us appreciate your posts..Some times I don't feel a part of the flow of conversation in a forum.It usually only lasts a day or so.When that happens I just step back for a bit..Stick around and see what happens..I've gotten a lot of pleasure from being here a good while.I think you can as well.Just take a step back and give it a chance..Tomorrow is a new day.



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Mar 13, 2018
SC Piedmont
An unpleasant person is enough to contaminate an entire environment.
I agree, but my view is just stuff the idiots & screw 'em. I've had a few people get on my butt here too, & at first I was really taken aback, then figured, they're stupid, but I refuse to be. I ignored them, & so did a number of other people, to the point where they're gone now, or else just never around. I'm not a mega Dunhill fan, but I don't have anything against them, *&* Ireally appreciate good pipe photography. Some of npod's & puffy's stuff I swear to God I've wanted to blow up & frame, they were so good!
But if you really feel it's toxic, do whatever you feel you need to. Just know the rest of us who *don't* try to be asshats will miss you. :)



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Mar 25, 2016
I really hope you stick around. Your cleanup projects have been a lot of fun to watch through your superior image capture skills.
If some don't like it ... fuck 'em.



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Jul 10, 2015
Dalzell, South Carolina
PLEASE PLEASE stay. Your my Dunhill Porn Dealer and I enjoy your posts & photos. I can't afford a Dunhill but I love to see the pics from those who can afford them.



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Feb 21, 2013
My advice, for what it's worth, is to take a hiatus and see if returning is worth it to you. As various members have pointed out, there are always negative posts, some from people who are just having a bad day. I have to tell you that in the whole worldwide net, as it used to be called, this place has about the highest level of civility you'll find. So unless you plan to simply not use interactive social media in any form, you have to accept some human frailty in the form of unwarranted hostility. Also, remember, with a bunch of "guys," you will inevitably get some rough house without bad intent. You've brought fine photos and pipe knowledge to Forums, and if you can't share it here, I hope you will find a forum elsehwhere. If I were you, I'd leave options open to continue later. I appreciate your wanting to be decisive, but options are options.



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May 26, 2012
United States
forciori, you are a young man, you have an amazing collection of pipes, some people will be jealous, ignore them and focus on the good aspects of this site.



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Jul 19, 2018
There are people in this world who take it upon themselves to judge others on being prideful and want to knock them down a notch or two for their own good. I've always seen this as a little projection on their part and take it for what it's worth - not much.
I wouldn't leave if I were you. It's nice to get positive feedback but I don't rely on it too much.



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Nov 18, 2018
I say stay, I feel like I've missed something in the few weeks I've been away.



May 29, 2019
First of all, I would like to say:
- I was upset and I really wanted to close my account.

I didn't find it and I decided to ask for help. Just this. I didn't have the slightest intention to create a drama, and I don't need "confirmation and ego-stroking".

- In fact, I didn't expect any manifestation of affection. I'm surprised and flattered. I just honestly wanted to close my account. Nothing more.
We can diverge, but without losing respect. I'm not here just for everyone to agree with me, I'm here to share, learn and be respected. It's possible to point out a mistake without having to denigrate, you know? - Dot it this, do it that, but never: "your pipe sucks and you're doing it all wrong." It's not childish to feel offended. Childish is to offend others for vile reasons. Not because we're in a virtual environment where people use photos and random names that we can't practice civility. Confusing honesty with bad manner is a mistake. That is the problem, there's always someone rancorous like you "woodsroad". Thank you.
Thank y'all for your support and kindness.



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Jan 28, 2018
I guess Woodsroad will now want his account deleted given your negative remark towards him. Not sure how stating he is a problem and rancorous is civil. It may very well be this forum isn't a good fit for you. I'd like to see the posts you consider vile. I'm going to take a very wild guess that your perception of vile vs. mine vary a bit.



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May 23, 2018
Wasn't there another member recently who wanted his account deleted/closed? I believe Kevin closed or deleted his account. Am I missing something? Can't a moderator end a person's account?

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