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Oct 25, 2013
New Zealand
Does anyone know anything about this? Someone just sent me the link, thinking I would be into seems like an odd mash up of two things I like, but probably not necessary to turn them into a single entity...

I am wondering if anyone here does this....thing?



Dec 3, 2021
Bagshot Row, Hobbiton
For the record, NO ! I do not hike out into the woods, look around surreptitiously to make sure I am completely alone and then ... you know ... brew a cup of coffee in a most unnatural complicated way. Besides if you watch the video ... he apparently left a cute ditzy girl he was hiking with to go out and make coffee alone for himself in a creepy unnatural way. Selfish prat !

Anyone on this site would most likely hike with her to a decent coffee house or make her fresh coffee at home ! :col: 👍

Wet Dottle

Starting to Get Obsessed
Mar 20, 2023
Littleton, CO
I love it. I can see myself using it on a camping trip. Not walking around, though, just sitting by the fire enjoying the evening. Will file this one for future reference.
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Mar 30, 2019
In the semi-rural NorthEastern USA
every review I've heard of this has gone. Not bad not great and I already have my hiking camping caffeine thing figured out. Feels to me personally like the kind of thing Paul would buy. Paul is a local idiot (he's what I call stupid with a caveat, the caveat is there is no creativity in stories about him they're all just factual recounting no matter how hard it is to believe) the week he got into camping. He's the kind of guy who would buy a Danish freehand pipe a cellar all the accessories and then never finish a tins worth of tobacco. Yeah Paul has one of these I am sure of it.