Best Blend of 2023: An Elimination Game

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Can't Leave
Jul 27, 2023
South Carolina
Anomalous +1
Brown Twist #4 -1

Anomalous - Sutliff - 6
Brown Twist #4 - SG - 9
Rouxgaroux - WCC - 16
1989 - Erik Stokkebye - 14
Full Virginia Flake - SG - 11
Rich Dark Honeydew - GH - 16
Flake - Peterson (Dunhill) - 4
Dark Bird's Eye - GH - 14


Grape - Captain Black
Match 20 - Sutliff
Hogshead - Seattle Pipe Club
Royal - Captain Black
Royal Yacht - Peterson
Exclusive - C&D
Stratfordshire - C&D
Mixture #79 - Sutliff
Aged Burley Flake - Solani
From Beyond - C&D
Pegasus - C&D
Holly's Non Plus Ultra - Dan
Dorchester - Esoterica
No. 69 - Peter Henrichs
Maple Shadows - Sutliff
American Cut Plug - Watch City
Squadron Leader - SG
Luxury Navy Flake - Peter Stokkebye
Lancer Slices - F&K
Wintertime Flake - SG
Black - Sillem's
Skiff Mixture - SG
Red Virginia - Robert McConnell
Oriental Silk - C&D
Ennerdale - GH
Golden Sliced - Orlik
Bob's Chocolate Flake - GH
Dockworker - HU

All hell rained down on most blends today, with FVF and Brown Twist #4 looking like they just ran a marathon butt-naked in an acid-rain monsoon. Nary a blend exceeds twenty hit points now. Beyond that, only four blends sit semi-comfortably in the teens.

In other news, Anomalous - the sole Per Georg Jensen blend, now perches precariously on the verge of death. Until recently, Anomalous was anonymous, but somehow it surfaced don't the radar of these taste-based villains.

Indeed, this special crumble cake - formed of the Katerini perique harvested in the heart of Greece, alongside to-shelf burley to offer hand-crafted and lovingly formulated lasting raison-sensation - has been thwacked on the head by tasteless and wanton heathens.

All I ask is why. Brown Twist #4 (upon whose hill @andrew hopes to die) is nigh, and Rouxgaroux toux. Maybe come after Anomalous when these are throux. But, I get it, when it comes to voting, you have to doux what feels troux to youx.