Best Blend of 2023: An Elimination Game

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Can't Leave
Jul 27, 2023
South Carolina
I'm going to opt for a classic vote...
Anomalous +1
FVF -1

Anomalous - Sutliff - 10
Brown Twist #4 - SG - 16
Rouxgaroux - WCC - 18
1989 - Erik Stokkebye - 14
Full Virginia Flake - SG - 20
Rich Dark Honeydew - GH - 18
Flake - Peterson (Dunhill) - 7
Dark Bird's Eye - GH - 15

Grape - Captain Black
Match 20 - Sutliff
Hogshead - Seattle Pipe Club
Royal - Captain Black
Royal Yacht - Peterson
Exclusive - C&D
Stratfordshire - C&D
Mixture #79 - Sutliff
Aged Burley Flake - Solani
From Beyond - C&D
Pegasus - C&D
Holly's Non Plus Ultra - Dan
Dorchester - Esoterica
No. 69 - Peter Henrichs
Maple Shadows - Sutliff
American Cut Plug - Watch City
Squadron Leader - SG
Luxury Navy Flake - Peter Stokkebye
Lancer Slices - F&K
Wintertime Flake - SG
Black - Sillem's
Skiff Mixture - SG
Red Virginia - Robert McConnell
Oriental Silk - C&D
Ennerdale - GH
Golden Sliced - Orlik
Bob's Chocolate Flake - GH
Dockworker - HU

Only 8 blends remain and only one vote has 20 hit points. After our 1,000+ comments, this game is closing in on its final champion. At this moment, FVF is claiming the seat of victory, with Rich Dark Honeydew and Rouxgaroux tied for number two. Time will tell if these bandwagons will stay in the lead.

Today, Dockworker was loaded into the shipping crate of eternity, carried by the crane of destiny. Most Americans were simply unable to drink he smoke of his glory, and thus unwilling to risk the peer-pressure involved in upvoting this dark horse. He will be missed, if by no one else, then by @WerewolfOfLondon.

It's hard to say what happens next, but I hope that some majestic vouxdoux makes the rouxgaroux eat some real poux poux.


Can't Leave
Jun 8, 2023
Hmmmm, what to vote for. There's nothing on there that I absolutely hate. I've decided to abstain from down voting anamolous, given it is the blend of our Master of Ceremonies, who has thus far done an outstanding job, even if he did lead the charge against my blend :'( I'm not upvoting it either though because it tastes like shit lol:

Rich Dark Honeydew - 2