Are Stingers Good or Bad?

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Apr 14, 2014
Central Ohio
I don't mean to sound like an asshole, so please understand that i just want to learn something. But, is there a pipe with a stinger that would actually be so collectible that it would get a substantial bid that would warrant keeping the stinger in tact? Like, it the $100's of dollars?

I ask because the pipes that I have seen stingers in are usually the cheapest pipes. My beloved Hilsons came with stingers, but I just toss them. But, usually they ran between $20-50 in the estate Markets. And, I am not so sure people that would buy estate Hilsons even know that they came with stingers, so I am not so sure it would devalue the pipes any further.

I guess what I am ultimately asking is, are there any pipes that originally came with stingers that trade for over $100 in the estate market?
In my mind, Grabows are collectible, but only in sentiment and novelty, not in any resell gain in profits.
Old Sasienis' are worth A LOT MORE if they have the stinger intact.
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Feb 16, 2020
Cascadia, U.S.
The best way to use a "stinger" filter:

- Remove stem from pipe
- Remove stinger
- Deposit stinger in nearest refuse receptacle
- Reinstall stem and smoke your pipe


Staff member
May 12, 2015
Carmel Valley, CA
So, can we conclude stingers are neither inherently good nor bad, but most pipe smokers today avoid them or remove them?

Any reason to keep this thread going?