Any Tea Drinkers?

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Starting to Get Obsessed
May 1, 2023
Chicago, IL
I drank coffee for years but got bored with it and turned to loose leaf tea.

Started off with Tao of Tea brand - Earl Grey, Black Dragon (oolong), English Breakfast & Darjeeling.

Now have started shopping at thanks to a friend of my wife’s - started with Golden Needle Yunnan (which is outstanding) and now exploring their sampler packs.

Anyway, any other tea drinkers here? What do you like?


Dec 31, 2021
I do. But I always drink green tea. I didn't drink it very often last time. But some time in 2021, I had gout. I read somewhere in the internet, saying drinking green tea can reduce gout. From then on, I started drinking green tea, almost everyday.


I drink this ☝️

Servant King

Nov 27, 2020
Frazier Park, CA
I drink several kinds of tea, some more frequently than others, but just in regular ol' bag form, not the loose leaf stuff. I have jasmine green tea w/honey most afternoons during the week. On the weekends, I might have an earl grey w/sugar, or a chai rooibos w/agave, but not as consistently as my weekday routine. I will often opt for coffee instead, but I only drink a narrow range of light roasted blends, so constitutionally speaking, it's a much different beverage than that overroasted stuff that purports to be coffee! Other teas I enjoy less frequently are chamomile, ginger, and decaffeinated Irish breakfast. My wife will sometimes make sun tea (using generic black tea) during the summer, which is a real nice treat.

All that said, I find that all the teas I drink pair well with just about every type of tobacco blend, with the notable exception of aromatics. After a puff of these (even the mildest ones), it makes a sip of even the sweetest tea come up short, by comparison.


Can't Leave
Apr 21, 2023
Central Maryland
My top teas... Assam. Russian Caravan. Genmai-cha.
Dragon Well is also quite good, and I keep meaning to buy some more.

For the fancier/flavored stuff, I like Dragon's Treasure. Their Kentucky Bourbon tea is quite nice.
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Can't Leave
Feb 3, 2023
West Yonkers California
Nearly everyday for years now. I use to only make loose leaf tea. The premium grades are loose leaf and the varieties are immense. I use to live close to a Chinese herbalist. He had jars and jars of all kinds.
More recently I’ve become lazy and mostly use bags. Yorkshire Gold and a few Earl Greys. Some are definitely better than others but yea is relatively cheap so it’s not an expensive endeavor to find what you like. We always keep several boxes of various herbal teas in the pantry.
What I like most about tea, besides the convenience is when I do drink coffee I truly appreciate the bean. When coffee is great it can be transcendent.


Part of the Furniture Now
Jan 20, 2022
West Wales
Tea is my go to hot drink.
Tried many, but Irish breakfast, Earl Grey, Russian Caravan are my favourites. Also had a lovely Rwandan.
However as cost of living bites, my posh loose tea is diminishing.
So Yorkshire in bags is the main tea now and its a good brew, plus cheap rubbish Earl Grey, Assam and something masquerading as Lapsang Souchon.
Will stick to Yorkshire once my poor quality fancy tea runs out.