Aiwass -- A metal mixture

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Oct 28, 2015
This review is the first of two reviews in response to a post, entitled "The Metal Mixtures", put up two weeks ago by our very own Deathmetal; in his post he broached the discussion of two of his own, home-rolled blends: Aiwass, a tribute to C&D's recent 'The Beast' small batch, and Massacra, his very own 'all day' blend.
I wrote Deathmetal requesting some samples and promised to follow up with my thoughts. He sent me enough for two bowls of each and I have recently had the opportunity to sit down, focus, and enjoy Aiwass. Below is my review and my thoughts:
Awaiss -- A Metal Mixture


The sample was wet from the bag; the aroma was a heavy rum with raisin, and slight hay overtones.
Dry time: 30 min

Pipe Used: Stanwell trio straight billiard

Strength: medium

Flavor: mild to medium
Flavor Breakdown:
First Third of the Bowl:


easy char and light.

light cedar and birch notes.

hint of rum on the retrohale
Second Third of the Bowl:


more prominent rum and raisin. The woodsy flavors in this part of the bowl begin to take a back seat; there is additional complexity that works very well with the retrohale. A perique hint begins to reveal itself and spicy, raisiny, rummy notes dominate
Last Third of the Bowl:


The smoke really comes into its own here and steps up to a solid medium body. The disparate flavors coalesce to form a monochromatic, yet highly pleasing taste, and the body enriches to a creamy texture.
Overall Impressions:


Paint me impressed. This is a remarkably well balanced blend. The tribute to 'The Beast' is clear but Deathmetal has created something which is much more refined. It is less edgy, and the rum is not as prominent; however it is far more complex and satisfying.
Great work on this blend! I would, no doubt, purchase this to include in my rotation if it were a commercial product.
I will follow up with a review of Massacra when I have the time to sit down and take the thorough notes I anticipate will be needed.



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Jun 3, 2015
Honestly, Aiwass is better than The Beast. They are two different blends, but same idea: Showcasing Perique. The big surprise? No need to dry this tobacco. Whatever proprietary sigils Death used, worked. Very rarely do I smoke a wet blend, eager to try it, I dove right in. Great stuff.


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May 31, 2012
Excellent review.
Deathmetal got good chops,

de skillz to pay de billz.
I agree, Aiwass is retail ready.
Same with Massacra,

I'm sure it would find a ready audience of admirers.
I love the names too,

creating something from scratch.
Good stuff all around.


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