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  1. withnail

    Question About Small US Towns.

    Thank you for the answers. Once each census makes sense. I couldn't see some guy ringing up the morgue and maternity wards every morning, before heading out with a paint brush to update the sign when needed! :-) Is the practice of quoting the population on town signs common all over America...
  2. withnail

    Question About Small US Towns.

    Hey, I enjoy watching the true crime channels as well as "reality" shows. I've noticed that a lot of small towns in America have signs that show the town name, elevation above sea level and population. It seems the figures for smaller towns can be quite precise - eg Rosewood, Elevation 530 ft...
  3. withnail

    Would This Happen In The USA? (Margaret Thatcher)

    Thank you for the interesting comments. As protests go, I think it is better to express things through music rather than riots! There have been some street parties, which I think is going a little too far. She does have two children that are grieving. Although, it's not like people are saying...
  4. withnail

    Would This Happen In The USA? (Margaret Thatcher)

    Without getting into the politics of whether you agree or not with how she did the job, it's been interesting to see the huge divide in public opinion in the UK in the week that former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died. As a protest against what she did in office, there has been a campaign...
  5. withnail

    Peterson Standard System Quality?

    I have 3 Peterson pipes and have not had a problem with any of them - I would certainly buy another. Whilst the quality might be lower than it once was (I can't comment on that as I've only been smoking them a few years) I wonder if part of the issue is the rise in Artisan pipes? In the "old...
  6. withnail

    Wind and The Zippo Insert

    I just got myself a zippo pipe insert for one of my old lighters and, so far, it seems to work fine. It will keep burning in as strong a wind as you are likely to want to smoke a pipe in. You can get lower odour fuel for petrol lighters and, as mentioned, letting the flame burn a few seconds...
  7. withnail

    What is the Best Cherry Tobacco You Have Smoked?

    The one I've found to taste the best is McLintock Black Cherry. It's not too "goopy"
  8. withnail

    Latakia Blend Suggestions?

    A more gentle helping of Latakia can be found with Dunhill Early Morning Pipe. Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader is another I enjoy and doesn't have the "soapy" feel of their Lakeland blends.
  9. withnail

    Since It Is Baseball Time Again- Greatest Hitter Ever?

    Baseball? Isn't that a like a shorter game of cricket?? :-) :-) :-)
  10. withnail

    Pipe Holder for the Boat?

    With unemployment the way it is, could you get someone to stand by to grab the pipe when you get a bite? Golfers have caddies, why shouldn't fishermen have a pipe caddy? :rofl:
  11. withnail

    Should I or Shouldn't I??

    The Zulu has lovely lines that would be changed by altering the stem. But, if you don't smoke it a it is, it might be better to have a usable pipe than one that lives on the rack. As others suggested, maybe get a different stem to practice on first?
  12. withnail

    I'm a Kid In a Candy Store!!

    Missouri Meerschaum Madness! :-) happy smoking :puffy:
  13. withnail

    "Smoke the Pipe That Hef Smokes" Ad

    :-) I like the note at the bottom of the page "found in mom's basement" Certainly a sign of the times - can you imagine any well know personality (outside the tobacco community) lending their name to a pipe? I don't have a problem with Playboy or similar publications. I'd rather have "adult...
  14. withnail

    If You Could Only Have One Pipe Shape For The Rest Of Your Life

    Good question. I'm with Guhrillastile - I do love the Bulldog / Rhodesian shape whether straight or bent, round or diamond shank. Add a nice smooth finish (with some nice grain if possible) and I'll be a happy smoker! :puffy: PS although the Author shape is nice too, if I was allowed a second...
  15. withnail

    PAD Meerschaum.

    Roth - it should have been nearly 3 times that here. I did a small favour for the owner of the tobacconists and the pipe is really old stock. So, he let me have it for what he'd bought it in for ages ago as a thank you. Great customer service and a chance for me to own a pipe that I would...