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  1. tobyducote

    Holy Grail Find - Charatan "Countryman"

    Gorgeous...I love that pipe
  2. tobyducote

    Peck's Bamboomania

    Those are some fantastic looking pipes
  3. tobyducote

    Hitler: All those who have not smoked Penzance leave!

    No matter how many times I see this clip, I still enjoy it
  4. tobyducote

    New Barling's

    Very nice...great pipe
  5. tobyducote

    A Good Friend & N O Pipe Show

    Nicely done Voorhees
  6. tobyducote

    Breaking Pipes

    Ouch...I've been very fortunate and only burnt 1 was dead of winter..I was hunting and smoked it too fast, trying to keep warm and burnt right through the bottom
  7. tobyducote


    I watched it...and actually enjoyed it...I thought they were very creative with the storyline...I'm still a huge Flash fan..looking forward to the development of the storyline...CW writers are excellent..hopefully CBS can follow their lead.
  8. tobyducote


    Very cool..l can't wait
  9. tobyducote

    New Daddy have 2 sons...they are they joy of my life
  10. tobyducote

    Stephen King's 11/22/63 Will Be a Miniseries

    I've never read it, but I'm going to look it up based on your fascination with it
  11. tobyducote

    B&M stopped selling meerschaum cobs?

    I don't think that guy has a clue as to what he's talking about...if you treat a cob like a cheap pipe, it will act like a cheap pipe...but that goes for any pipe...I have a lot of very inexpensive MM cobs and I've never had a bad one.
  12. tobyducote

    A Good Friend & N O Pipe Show

    So happy to see you got your gift...
  13. tobyducote

    Went to a wedding and pipe smoking broke out

    Nice!! Great looking guys
  14. tobyducote

    Monte Verde pipes

    Never heard of them