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  1. stevecourtright

    What Are The Physics Of "Thick Wall = Cool Smoke"?

    In the world of engineering, the perfect heat sink is no heat sink. No matter how good a conductor, a heat sink will hold some heat against the heat producing feature. More wood might affect how hot the bowl feels, but more heat will be kept against the chamber relative to a thinner walled pipe.
  2. stevecourtright

    Using Air Cured Tobacco Leaves.

    Not an expert, but I know that air curing is one way to cure pipe tobacco. As far as I know, to make it useful for pipe smokers, there is some further processing, such as one or more of baling, pressing, fermentation, dressing with humectants, and numerous other techniques. What I am thinking...
  3. stevecourtright

    UV+ Ozone Lamp for Tobacco Mold?

    Even if you sterilize the tobacco, the treatment won't get rid of any toxins that the mold made. Seems risky to me.
  4. stevecourtright

    Hey There from IL

    Welcome from Evanston!
  5. stevecourtright

    Parting With the Pipe.

    I hope you get many more long and pleasant years to contemplate your decision. And stay in touch!
  6. stevecourtright

    Do I Have Any Friends in Chicago?

    I live 2 blocks from Chicago.... fire away.
  7. stevecourtright

    Ant Mystery; Any Entomologists In The House?

    "Ants secrete formic acid when they bite. That's what causes the burning sensation. " Which is the reason behind the name of the group (subfamily) "Formicidae."
  8. stevecourtright

    Your First Memory...

    My first memory was of setting out on an adventure on my tricycle (it was red). Mom said fine if I stayed on the one block street in front of the house. Of course, I went further - all the way around the block. By the time Mom caught up to me, I was already home and sitting in front of the...
  9. stevecourtright

    Hello from Fairhope, Alabama

    Welcome from the Land of Lincoln!
  10. stevecourtright

    Nicotine Content Cigars vs Pipes

    I am not sure of the reason(s) but I find cigars to give me much more nicotine than pipe tobacco. I am not comparing the two by weight or any other measure, but the end result is dramatically different for me... My belief is that pipe tobacco, considered as a group, has less nicotine content.
  11. stevecourtright

    Oxygen Just As Dangerous As Tobacco!

    Fortunately, chain links do not form any part of my anatomy.
  12. stevecourtright

    Made A Big Mistake: Smoked A Cigar

    I only smoke a cigar when I am fishing a very buggy hatch in a swampy area. It helps keep the skeeters at bay - or at least that's what I tell myself. Also, no tamping to get in the way of casting...
  13. stevecourtright

    From France With Love

    I like it. While I usually prefer blasts, (I like to see the expression of the wood) this nice chunky and bold work appeals to me. Enjoy!