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    A Pipe and a Drink (?)

    I’ll reprise my standard response to these question: I love my pipe and I love my beer; just not together. I drink seltzer when I smoke my pipe.
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    Good Straight Out Of The Box

    None. I never fill up a new pipe out of the box and smoke it like my regular pipes. I always use the honey treatment to break in a new pipe, bowl coating or bare, and begin the break-in process with a quarter bowl, half bowl, three quarters bowl, and then full bowl after three days. It has...
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    Can’t Enjoy My Pipe Without Alcohol

    I love my pipe and I love my beer. Just not together.
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    My New Lighter

    Where’s the Lotus gonna end up?
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    Columbus Pipe Show 2021

    I plan to attend. I’ve been to 13 Chicago shows, since 2003, 15 Richmond shows, since 1998, and 7 Columbus shows, since 2013. Columbus is my favorite, mainly because of the location. I acknowledge the venue has changed, but am anxious to give it a try.
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    Too Many Blends, But Too Few Producers?

    Monopoly may be the goal; but competition, which is the real product of capitalism, always wins and produces more products at lower prices. Unless the government gets involved.
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    Stem Etiquette

    I use the “condoms” to protect my TEETH not the stems. All but two of my 32 pipes have acrylic stems, so i don’t worry about disfiguring them.
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    Resting A Briar

    I’ve been smoking a pipe 50 years. My rotation is to smoke the same pipe two consecutive days, 2-3 bowls each day. I space those daily bowls so they completely cool off between smokes. Then it rests about three weeks. Works for me.
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    Your Go to Morning Blend

    No morning pipe for me. First one around 1:30 p.m. after lunch. Then on one of two tins (one VA, one English/Balkan). Today Rattrays Black Mallory and OVTC Old Dominion.
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    TV Show with Pipe Smoker?

    William Conrad, who portrayed Cannon, had a good Charatan collection as Rick Hacker wrote in his fine books.
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    U Guys Ever Smoke Your Pee Lip

    No problem for me. I don’t smoke Peterson’.
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    What's Your Favorite Drink While Smoking Your Pipe?

    I’m tempted to follow George Thorogood with One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer; but I’ll stick with my seltzer water.
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    That Sublime Smoke

    is your response to the sex or the pipe smoking?
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    No Pipe Smoking - Why?

    Okay, but I call bullshit on that excuse.