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  1. samcoffeeman

    Star Wars 8

    I enjoyed it despite the poor/weak plot. Seriously, noone ever tried to light speed kamikaze a huge ship before? Wouldn't they be prepared? Wouldn't the shield have some effect? Movie looked incredible though.
  2. samcoffeeman

    Fraudulent Comoy Blue Riband eBay listing

    Tough to tell from the poor images. I have seen a few post-Cadogan Blue Ribands with less than stellar grain. It is possible this is one of those, if it's not a 3 piece C.
  3. samcoffeeman

    Comoy’s Extraordinaire 499 Restoration [Pic Heavy]

    I tried to recreate the C once. I believe the correct diameter of the outer white circle is 3/32". The inner is 1/16". The only person I've seen sell the 3/32 is Tim West. I tried google searching it but it is quite difficult to find.
  4. samcoffeeman

    1931 Dunhill's Shell LB8 Post-resto Pics

    I know George wants to see these but here that are for all to see. My buddy did a great job on the stem.
  5. samcoffeeman

    Comoy’s Extraordinaire 499 Restoration [Pic Heavy]

    Al, I think my Leonard's 499 has similar measurements to your 499. The bowl width and height were within 1-2mm difference. The shank is 21mm at the stem and @29mm where the shank meets the bowl. It weighs 54 grams.
  6. samcoffeeman

    Comoy’s Extraordinaire 499 Restoration [Pic Heavy]

    Nice! Gorgeous pipe! Do you know what the dimensions are? I have a regular 499, a Comoy second and wondering if they're the same size or if the Extraordinare is larger. Also, how did you fix the cracked 'C'?
  7. samcoffeeman

    Discussion For Next Restoration Contest

    You could go by country and say you're not allowed to spend more than $20 + shipping. Would make it interesting, some people find incredible deals.
  8. samcoffeeman

    J. Singleton OHV Motorcycle Pipe

    Saw something similar at a antique shop once. Had a really intricate wind cap, I think it was a Powell's brand. Never came up with any info on it. If the price was decent I would've picked it up but I think they were asking $200+.
  9. samcoffeeman

    Smoking 100+ Year Old Balkan Sobranie Cigarettes

    I know this may be a faux pas, as this is a pipe site, but I digress. When I Saw this on eBay for @$30 I said why the hell not. And ya know what, they're damn tasty..non filtered in a early(patent number) Dunhill cigarette holder. They have a Virginia Tang, very flavorful, incredibly rich and...
  10. samcoffeeman

    This Is a Horrible Stem Replacement on eBay

    Already contacted the seller about the so-called "Dunhill-tight" "original" stem, where the shank was obviously sanded to fit the poor fitting stem and the dot is also wrong, too close to the end of the stem. Too bad, it was a really nice looking blasted ODA Tanshell. LINK
  11. samcoffeeman

    Help! Stanwell Info Please

    Actually I don't believe this would have a shape number. The old DeLuxe models were freehand shapes, the classic Danish style with plateaux rims usually and the ringed ornate stems. 1960's is probably accurate. I've seen them sell in the $1-200 range, not that you're interested in selling but...
  12. samcoffeeman

    1963 Dunhill Root Briar (shape LB)

    Yes, just reamed it this week. I'm not inclined to cost the bowl, those pits are tiny. The wood is in great shape. I'll break her in easy.
  13. samcoffeeman

    1963 Dunhill Root Briar (shape LB)

    Here you go George. Stem is original and the stamps are all solid and legible, although I didn't take a pic of those, which I'm questioning now why I didn't lol. The inner tube has the patent number also.
  14. samcoffeeman

    Straight Peterson System Pipes

    The only input I have on this, having cleaned numerous pipes with Wells in them such as the Peterson system. Those Wells are junk collectors and a pain to clean.
  15. samcoffeeman

    1963 Dunhill Root Briar (shape LB)

    Classic. Working on restoring this '31 LB right now, actually sending to a friend to do the stem. Already reamed and cleaned all the gunk out of the stem/shank/mortise.