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    Pipe smokers Christmas gifts

    I'll just leave this here... :puffpipe:
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    Mac Baren Virginia number 1

    How does your experience compare?
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    What Has The Most Age In Your Cellar?

    A perfectly intact 67 +/- year old tin of Cope's Escudo, followed by a few 56-year-olds, half a dozen 35-year olds, a pile of 21-year-olds...and then some newer stuff. Oldest non-Escudos are McCranies '83s, and a bar of 5 Brothers from the '20s that's just for display.
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    New to Balsa. Tips?

    This is a good place to start.
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    Wide Mouth Shallow Bowls. Good For?

    I have a couple that I tend to favor for Lat & Oriental blends, particularly GLP fare such as Key Largo or Westminster. Neal Archer Roan has a good primer on the subject here.
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    Troves of Unsmoked Aged Pipes

    A couple boxes of hundreds of stummels is a lot easier to misplace than a couple hundred (or even a couple) Pontiacs, for one. :lol:
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    Taste vs. Aftertaste

    This might help. :puffy: Just take your time, you'll get there.
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    Nat Sherman - 127 Wayfarer - Tobacco Review

    Bringing along virgin cobs is a habit when leaving the house now, at least when I'm reviewing. Precisely for situations like these. I recommend it as the easiest way to evangelize! And don't be scared off by the Perique-bomb--it's surprisingly manageable. ---- And it seems this crowd-sourcing...
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    Prayers For My Daughter

    No apologies necessary, Mike, support is what we're here for. Best, and be strong.
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    2015 New York Pipe Show Report from Romeowood

    Errata to report: I misspelled Hank Saatchi's name, and had the wrong information regarding Amorelli pipes. Hank and Simone are now the U.S. representatives of Amorelli pipes. I will now turn in my roving reporter's card :oops:
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    PH in mouth & tobac flavor

    @smokertruck - medications can certainly have a profound effect on your palate. In fact, anything that changes your overall body chemistry--vitamins, a meal, or, conversely, long periods between meals, for example. The blends you note being able to taste clearly--Ernimore and BLB--while not...
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    2015 New York Pipe Show Report from Romeowood

    Yes, Les, there was some pixel enhancement--Kevin trying to salvage my amateur snapshots :oops: I really need to take a photography class.... Also, you are no longer allowed to enter any pipe shows, dinners, events, or festivals until I have been there at least thirty minutes or my money runs...
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    One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer

    Drinking before noon is a sign of a proactive go-getter, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.