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  1. phred

    Bowl Really Big? Stuff It With Frog Morton Cellar

    I finally got my hands on a Kirsten with what at first glance looked like a punch bowl... English/Balkan blends are quite nice in it, which is just as well as they're my preferred blends.
  2. phred

    My New Savannah Kitten

    Lovely! My wife would dearly love a savannah cat, but we're at capacity anyway, and probably not home enough to properly care for one (one reason why we've gone with cats instead of dogs). Thanks for sharing the photos - we'll just live vicariously. :D
  3. phred

    What Do You Like In Tub Tobacco?

    Sugar Barrel was my introduction to tub tobaccos. I picked up a tub of Prince Albert just so I could say that yes, I had Prince Albert in a can... So far, that's been it. I picked up some of P&C's Sugar Barrel match after Middleton discontinued it, and I'm told that the Midtown blend Sweet Cask...
  4. phred

    Watcha Gonna Buy With Your Holiday Money?

    I kept telling myself I didn't need another pipe, or any more tobacco after accidentally buying 10 tins of Black House in October, instead of the 5 that I intended to purchase. My finger slipped. Honest. :twisted: But I did wind up with a holiday bonus from my company's owners, and got lucky in...
  5. phred

    Pipe Smoking Toons!

    I'm old enough to remember Steve Canyon (there's even a statue of him up in Idaho Springs here in Colorado), but I'm young at heart enough to remember Professor Utonium from "The PowerPuff Girls"...
  6. phred

    18th Century Smoking

    Oh, my... bookmarking that for later. I've had my eye on the 1790 English Tobacco Boxes that Smoking Pipes carries. So far, most of my costuming is 19th century and later, but some of the 18th century styles can be a lot of fun.
  7. phred

    First time smoking my pipe in public.

    Glad your first time out went well. I haven't had any negative comments yet, myself - the only people who have said anything directly to me have been complimentary (well, there was one guy who asked if I was smoking weed, but I do live in Colorado, so that's not necessarily a bad thing to ask...).
  8. phred

    Sour beer!!!!

    I'm not a huge fan of sours, but my wife loves them. Living in Colorado is definitely a plus, as we're ground zero for a lot of home brewers turned craft brewers, and several of our favorite brewers have been experimenting with sours for a while now.
  9. phred

    Author! Author!

    I have a pair of Rossi 8320 Authors, one smooth and one rusticated. I did manage to blister the finish on the smooth one by smoking too quickly in a high wind - looks like the bottom of the chamber forms a line of thin briar, as the blisters follow the curve of the pipe as if some sort of...
  10. phred

    Newbie Here

    It all depends on what you consider "expensive"... :D My first briar (first pipe, actually) was a Viking Classic that ran about $60. It had a couple of issues that I've corrected, and I had several more issues as a new pipe smoker that I likewise corrected. There are any number of factory pipe...
  11. phred

    Taste all the same

    It takes some time to develop one's palate. I had never smoked anything prior to picking up the pipe a few years back, and initially had much the same reaction - aromatics smelled different, but didn't taste all that different. I ordered a sampler with some aromatics and a selection of Latakia...
  12. phred


    If you can stand one more echo, get the suit tailored. Sizing is based on averages, and no two people (twins possibly excepted) are shaped exactly the same. I've bought off-the-rack all my life, but for a wedding some years ago, my wife insisted that I splurge on a proper suit (I believe we...
  13. phred

    Show Us Your Sitters!

    My very first pipe is a sitter - a Bjarne Viking Classic.
  14. phred

    Trying Perique blends: PS Luxury Bullseye Flake & Savinelli Doblone d’Oro

    If LBF doesn't do it for you, you might try Luxury Navy Flake or Escudo. Personally, I prefer the Bullseye to the Navy Flake, but that's just the way my palate works.
  15. phred

    Pipe Collection Brand Roll-Call

    This will be relatively short... Viking Classic Missouri Meerschaum Jobey Stanwell Mr. Brog Meerschaum Store (not sure if that's technically a brand for purposes of this thread, but there it is). Rossi Bruyere St. Claude