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  1. pepesdad1

    Halloween Commission Sneak Peak🦇🧛‍♂️

    Sweet, Duane...looks like a real winner!
  2. pepesdad1

    Finished Cutty—My Apologies to the Moderators for not Placing it Here

    Not to be a PIA, but is the slot in the button canted to the right? Sure looks like it from the photo...pipe looks good to me.
  3. pepesdad1

    Choosing a Puppy Today

    That there is one cutie pie!
  4. pepesdad1

    Finished Cutty—My Apologies to the Moderators for not Placing it Here

    Very nice with the exception of the button.
  5. pepesdad1

    Choosing a Puppy Today

    Sweet looking cats!!
  6. pepesdad1

    Choosing a Puppy Today

    As a guy with a rescue animal, I would not think less at all of someone with a well-bred purebred dog. I'm not shaming anyone for getting what they want...that is not what this is about...taking care of animals requires that you give of yourself. Whether it is a pure bred or a rescue, enjoy...
  7. pepesdad1

    Choosing a Puppy Today

    Yes to a new pup, and as kcghost said...consider a rescue. Those have been my choice always because as mso489 said...These animals are thinking individuals, as you know. They will love you for the rescue from a concrete jail where they are in a holding pattern...think of how you would feel if...
  8. pepesdad1

    Serbian Chefs Knife?

    While I have a cleaver and a Chinese vegetable knife I rely on my custom made Damascus chefs knife and a comparable paring knife to go with it.
  9. pepesdad1

    My Former Pipe 🐅

    As usual you and your pipes have impeccable taste! Rock on!!!
  10. pepesdad1

    In Buying Pipes, are You a Quick Sale or Otherwise?

    If it is a Cramptholomew or Ron Powell pipe...then there is no weaseling about it. If I have the $$ then it is picked up...have more than I need at the present after giving away about 30 pipes because I had new ones and wanted to smoke the new ones. Share the joy is my motto.
  11. pepesdad1

    If you're Allowed only one Pipe Shape, What would It Be?

    While I love the Bing style, sadly I don't have one. For sheer beauty I have to bow to Ron and his bulldogs...or his Rhody.
  12. pepesdad1

    Show Off your Love for the Calabash

    Got mine back in the 60' name far as I can tell.
  13. pepesdad1

    Looking For A Really Good Pipe Lighter

    Beattie jet lighter, if you can find one...chasingembers has one and so do I...angled flame, liquid fuel, holds a lot and best of all it works.
  14. pepesdad1

    Talk Me Out of This

    Get a Bugatti!...if you still have that 1 hair on your ass.
  15. pepesdad1

    Triple Negative

    Yeah, dat be it! I think the term is be rat. yo