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  1. Parsimonious Piper

    Cob Tuesday Origin

    I did a forums search (and Google and Duck Duck Go) and couldn’t find any non-humorous answers. While I expect any number of those here, does anyone really know the origin of cob Tuesday?
  2. Parsimonious Piper

    The (Un)Official Secret Santa 2020!

    Got my goodies. Won’t be available on Christmas so I’ll post a pic now. Thank you, Santa, for the gifts!
  3. Parsimonious Piper

    Holiday Tobaccos

    Picked up a half pound when I was in their shop a couple weekends ago. Very good. I’ve also been smoking C&D Sugarplum and Stokkebye Family Reserve (marzipan) a bit more lately.
  4. Parsimonious Piper

    How Many Blends In Your Rotation

    48—2x24 crates of jars, a crate each of aros and non-aros. When the weather’s good I work through the non-aros outside. On indoor days I work through the aro crate. Going sequentially satisfies my OCD and there’s enough variety to stave off boredom with any one blend or genre and surprise/remind...
  5. Parsimonious Piper

    RabbitAir MinusA2 Air Filtration System

    If you still get smoke smell going outside the room, you might try closing the door but leaving off the towel and opening a window. I found it creates a one-way air flow—especially with the exhaust fan in the window—whereas when I blocked off the door with a towel the smoke smell seemed to work...
  6. Parsimonious Piper

    Ready to Pull the Trigger

    If your expectations are appropriate you won’t be disappointed. See my comment on the other thread for my experience.
  7. Parsimonious Piper

    RabbitAir MinusA2 Air Filtration System

    I have the RabbitAir in my office (freestanding) and a dual-fan exhaust fan in one window. My issue isn‘t the room itself. My wife doesn’t particularly care if the office has a pipish aroma—she doesn’t want to smell it outside the office. The fan does a decent job of pulling smoke outside, and...
  8. Parsimonious Piper

    Any Negatives to Estate Pipes?

    Haven’t bought a new pipe since I started collecting a brand that died out 50 years ago. So far—knock on, uh, briar—I haven’t bought one that doesn’t smoke well. Once I learned basic cleanup and light restoration skills I never looked back. If you buy estates online, you do risk surprises no...
  9. Parsimonious Piper

    H.H. Bold Kentucky Any Opinions

    Opinions? You’ll find one or two here. ODF & BK are two of my favorite blends, with the latter getting a slight nod just because I love DFK the way some guys love Virginias. All of my home blends have DFK as the base.
  10. Parsimonious Piper

    Pipe by Lee 1-Star Bent Billiard Cleanup

    I’ll do that in the collection thread as soon as I have my new cabinet organized.
  11. Parsimonious Piper

    Pipe by Lee 1-Star Bent Billiard Cleanup

    I collect Pipe by Lee, who graded their briar 1-5 stars. I have one 5-star and lost an auction for a 4-star. Most of the pipes I see and own are 3-stars, with a handful of 2s. I’d begun to wonder whether they actually made any 1s or if they’d all simply been burned out and tossed…until I found...
  12. Parsimonious Piper

    Dark Fired Kentucky

    You got one of my two favorites right there. The other is HH Bold Kentucky.
  13. Parsimonious Piper

    Suggest Burleys To Me

    Mac Baren makes a few good burley based blends: Golden Extra, Symphony, HH Burley Flake.
  14. Parsimonious Piper

    Smoke, Beards, and Wives (Not Bearded Wives!)

    My wife is ok with the room note of some aromatics, but hates the smell of smoke in my beard…which is now much fuller than my mug shot. I got this tip from someone else, and it has worked wonders: shampoo the beard less frequently. I now shampoo it just once a week, but use conditioner daily...
  15. Parsimonious Piper

    Howdy from Raleigh, NC

    Welcome from Creedmoor, NC.